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Drinking hot lemonade can prevent cancer? Here is the scientific interpretation

ByGoraud Mazanec 2019-07-22 984

In this season, when it comes to fruit, in addition to watermelons and peaches, there is also a kind of fruit that has become a necessity for many families, that is, lemon. Citric acid is sweet, delicious and nutritious. It’s really cool to drink a cup of lemonade water in a hot day. Recently, there has been news on the Internet that "drinking hot lemonade can fight cancer," which has pushed lemons to a hot searching food for a while.So is that really the case? We are going to popularize science for you today.

Why do people say that drinking hot lemonade can fight cancer?

The reason why this spread on the Internet, on the one hand, some people think that lemonade is alkaline water, often drinking for the body to help, can play an anticancer role.

On the other hand, some people think that the mixture of hot water and lemon can release some kind of anticancer substance, which can have an anticancer effect on the body.

With the combination of the two theories, there is the theory that "hot lemonade can fight cancer".

Can drinking hot water really prevent cancer?

When it comes to anti-cancer by drinking hot lemonade, it is based on the fact that drinking hot water can fight cancer.

Some people say that the cancer cells themselves are afraid of high temperature, so drinking hot water can kill cancer cells.

In fact, although some studies have suggested that high temperature does cause apoptosis of cancer cells, this statement is not the same as "drinking hot water can fight cancer." throwing aside other factors, normal people themselves have a sound thermoregulatory system.

When the hot water reaches the cancer focus, the water already cools down and basically reaches the so-called "high temperature state".

Moreover, often drinking water with too high temperature can also cause harm to the body.

The World Health Organization has listed hot drinks above 65 degrees Celsius as "Class 2A carcinogens." drinking hot water often does not kill cancer cells. Instead, the mouth and esophagus will be scalded, and over time, it will even be prone to carcinogenesis.

Therefore, by drinking hot water (hot water) anti-cancer method is very difficult to achieve.

Is lemonade alkaline water can fight cancer?

It is said that drinking hot lemonade can fight cancer, many people attribute the "efficacy" to lemonade is alkaline water, think that drinking alkaline water is good for the body.

In fact, this remark is a replica of the previous "acidic physique competition alkaline physique". There is no such thing as the so-called acid-base physique in the world, and the so-called acid-base food is even more "nonsense", and there is no credibility in this theory.

Can "hot lemonade" fight cancer?

The fact that a certain food contains one or some anticancer active substances does not prove that eating this food can fight cancer at all.

Any functional substances think of certain effects to achieve a certain dose, only rely on the usual consumption of a small amount of lemonade, simply do not absorb much effective substances, think of the effect of some animal experiments is even more difficult.

Therefore, hot lemonade can be anti-cancer claims, completely unbelievable.

Anti-cancer food doesn’t have scientific basis

There are many causes of cancer, such as genetic genes, living environment, emotion and other external factors. It can not be said that eating a certain kind of food alone can fight cancer, or even treat cancer.

And, so far, there is no effective way to fight cancer, more can be achieved by developing good living habits, adjusting good eating patterns and so on.

What are the benefits of drinking lemonade often?

1. Increase the amount of drinking water.

Most of the modern people are in the state of lack of water, there is a shortage of daily drinking water, by adding lemon can increase the daily drinking water, so as to prevent constipation and other drying problems.

2. Proper drinking can increase appetite.

Lemon contains a certain amount of organic acids, proper drinking can increase appetite.

3. Improve the immune ability of the body.

Lemon contains a certain amount of vitamin C, citric acid, plant pigment and other nutrients, put aside the dose of these substances contained in lemon, often drinking lemonade can improve the immune ability of the body.

What should I pay attention to when drinking lemonade?

1. The temperature should not be too high.

Lemonade can be drunk, but the water temperature should not be too high, the temperature is more than 65 degrees Celsius, it is easy to increase the risk of esophageal cancer, the recommended lemonade temperature is closer to the body temperature (about 40 degrees Celsius), reducing the risk of damage to the body.

2. The concentration should not be too high and the drinking should not be excessive.

Lemon itself is a "partial acid" fruit, if you eat too much or lemonade brewing concentration is too high are easy to stimulate teeth and gastrointestinal mucosa, so brewing concentration should not be too high, drinking more can not be excessive.

Therefore, although drinking lemonade has many benefits, but it does not have the so-called anti-cancer effect, do not believe.

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