During the Spring Festival, when you can't move at all, you can also take a walk in the living room and kitchen.

ByLeigha Barre 2020-02-02 2051

[PConline talk] during the 2020 Spring Festival holiday, how many people have the same plans as mine? Motionless, continue to be motionless. In the face of the severe epidemic, everyone has opened the home model, the scope of activities are limited, those who can not go out as far as possible not to go out. So what are you doing at home during the Spring Festival? How can I have fun at home during the Spring Festival?

Since I came home from the Spring Festival holiday, I haven't stepped out of my house for a week. I have a sore back and sitting all over. The scope of activities of the house is also very limited, the living room of the first day, the bedroom of the second day, and the kitchen of the third day. It's so boring!

There are a lot of people like me who are bored and start to play with the number of steps in moments. I am relieved to see that everyone has the same number of exercise steps. It seems that many people stay at home to save their lives like me.

The Spring Festival holiday in 2020 is really a "year of the house", but no visits, no messes, no dinners is the greatest contribution to society! You can't move during the Spring Festival. You're so stuffy that you're about to grow mushrooms? Look at how netizens spend the year of the house! Quickly copy the homework of netizens, you will know what to do at home during the Spring Festival, and how can it be fun at home during the Spring Festival!

Although everyone is blocked from going out, netizens are all talents, and some people have sorted out the most suitable resort for the year of the house. there are sofa amusement park, living room Rift Valley, Yangtai Peak, bedroom Lane, bedside Hill, bathtub Lake, shower Falls, Kitchen Food Street. I have to say, they are really talented!

Some people stay in the living room and play fishing.

Some people play ring games in the living room, set oranges and red envelopes, and harvest a lot.

This is not, there are people in the living room and friends played "cloud dinner", connected to the video, toast to the screen, also have a different taste.

Although our family canceled the plan to visit relatives because of the epidemic, we did not forget the greetings that were necessary for the Spring Festival, and instead used TV to make a video call to our relatives and friends for the Lunar New year. Now there are many televisions that support video function, which is very convenient to operate. Turn on the TV, invite friends to join my family, and then make a phone call to start the TV video.

The TV screen is bigger, so you don't have to be so tired to hold it up all the time as you used to use mobile phone video. There is a saying that it is better to pay New year's greetings to relatives and friends during the New year, and it is better to use TV to experience it.

In addition to online dinners and New year's greetings, the most relaxing pastime in the house is watching movies. Do you watch movies on your mobile phone or on your laptop? Whether it's a mobile phone or a laptop, watching movies is not good enough. In several living rooms of our house, we watch movies with TV boxes, and watch movies with a 65-inch TV box, so there is a little feel in the cinema.

Now there are many sources of TV boxes, such as "embarrassing Mom" who just launched during the Spring Festival, can also be found in the TV box, it is really cool to watch movies on a big screen.

Our family now uses Skyworth TV and Skyworth TV box, which are very good to use.

When it comes to home entertainment, of course, many people have a good heart, that is, experience games. There are very few opportunities for people to stay at home and go out for activities. it is really good to play somatosensory games to stretch their limbs and exercise while playing games.

Recently, the very popular somatosensory game "Fitness Ring Adventure" is very fun. Connect to the TV, take risks on the big screen and do sports, and the time at home goes by all of a sudden.

So what can you play in the bedroom lane and on the bedside hill? Someone and Siri played the idiom Jielong, do not play do not know, a play startled, played all afternoon had to admit that their IQ simply can not beat it.

There is a more advanced IQ test. Dr. Tsinghua is so bored that he talks about the function to his cat in his bedroom. Looking at Meow's unlovable face, I have to say that this is the highest state of boredom!

Play all over the living room and bedroom, kitchen home strategy, there are still a lot of interesting. This is why some people use noodles to knit and DIY all kinds of cute little animals with oranges.

However, there are still many people who stay at home and cook their own delicious food, which can not only pass the time, but also satisfy the stomach that can't go out for a big meal.

Although each family spends its own year and eats its own meal, many people have not wronged themselves. For example, someone makes a big meal in a steaming oven at home, and even if only the whole family eats three meals a day, it is very delicious.

There are also people who still enjoy the 2020 Spring Festival holiday even if they can't get out of the house. When you get up in the morning, bake a few pieces of bread in the baker, heat the milk in the microwave, cook a barbecue with a multi-purpose cooker at noon, have a drink, make a simple meal with an electric cake bell in the evening, and enjoy the moonlight on the roof at home.

Many kitchen appliances at home are beautiful, and they all use the same brand from small to large, with many functions, complete styles and more security.

Seeing here, have you copied all your Spring Festival holiday homework? Do you understand what to do? This strategy for relieving boredom during the 2020 Spring Festival holiday, which is motionless, must be reviewed from time to time. This is also a rare opportunity for everyone to enjoy home life for such a long time.

As mentioned in the strategy, many sharp tools are household appliances blessed by cool techs, which actually shows that a good and happy life is inseparable from these practical and interesting home appliances.

In this difficult epidemic challenge, there are also many household appliance enterprises to take the initiative to assume their social responsibility. For example, Skyworth Group has donated about 5.97 million yuan of materials to Hospital Fire and Raytheon Mountain, including 1000 50-inch ward televisions, 100 65-inch large screen televisions, 400 purifiers and other urgently needed materials, so that many patients and medical staff feel warm in the face of the severe epidemic.

In addition, Midea also donated all the necessary home appliances of Raytheon Mountain to Wuhan, and Midea also donated equipment such as fresh air and airless air conditioning to Vulcan Mountain to ensure the health of front-line health care workers.

Although there will be many difficulties in the face of the epidemic, we can still have a lot of fun when we have to stay at home. I hope everyone can have a good time after reading the strategy.

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