How much does a scooter really cost?

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Contrary to what you might think, especially when you are young, buying a scooter represents an investment, whether it is a 50cm³, 125cm³, a maxi-scooter or a 50 with a box. Even when you buy a cheap scooter. Indeed, the vehicle itself is only a first expense; therefore, it is necessary to conceive the purchase of a vehicle as a whole.

The cost of the vehicle is between 1000 € for 50cm3 scooters such as the Peugeot Ludix One and some Asians, 2500€ for the biggest 50cm³ like the Peugeot Speedfight or the MBK Nitro, 3000€ for the 50 with 125 boxes and scooters and can go up to nearly 10 000€ for the most powerful maxi-scooters. To find out the retail prices of the main models on the market, we recommend that you consult our purchasing guide.




Speed Max.

Dualtron Thunder

3590 €

90 km

70-75 km/h

Dualtron 3

2890 €

80-100 km

65 km/h

Inokim OX Super

2490 €

50 km

45 km/h

Speedtrott rs 1600+

2490 €

75 km

65 km/h

E-GRET Ten v3

1190 €

35 km

30 km/h

E-Twow Booster V

999 €

35-45 km

35 km/h

E-Twow Booster S+

799 €

30 km

35 km/h

Ninebot ES2

599 €

20-25 km

25 km/h

Wegoboard Suprem 2.0

589 €

25-30 km

30 km/h

Xiaomi m365

399 €

20-25 km

25 km/h

UrbanGlide Ride 80XL

(env.) 330 €

20-25 km

25 km/h

Wegoboard Booster

249 €

20-25 km

25 km/h

This information of the table in from Trottinette Lab



When it comes to choosing two-wheelers, it is up to you to see what your needs are, then to cross them with your budget. In this case, we will focus on all the expenses that come in addition to the purchase of the scooter or motorcycle, which we do not necessarily think of at first sight. For information, more than a third of scooter riders have a monthly budget (according to a survey of 300 visitors to the Scooter System website) of 15 to 30€ per month, but 14% exceed 150€...

Preliminary expenses

You are about to buy a scooter or motorcycle and you will finally be able to use it... but not quite, since you must first of all insure it! And when it comes to scooter and motorcycle insurance, you can see it all over the place... In fact, you have two options: insure it against all risks (accidents, damage, theft, etc.), or simply insure it to a third party (minimum required to drive). For the complete insurance of a 50cm3 or 125cm3 scooter, the bill can be high since it is sometimes higher than that of a small car such as Citroën C1 or Peugeot 206, i.e. nearly 550€ per year!

This high price is explained by the fact that the scooter is an easy prey to steal, and therefore not very profitable for insurers. For third party insurance, the price is more than three times cheaper (about 150€ per year), but if your vehicle is stolen, you only have to walk. However, the gradual arrival of license plates for 50cm3 has made it possible to change the prices in the right direction even if not everything is won.

Above all, do not hesitate to negotiate the price of your insurance with your insurer! If, for example, you have other insurance contracts with him, tell him and highlight your loyalty and seniority! Also insist on the fact that you have a secure garage or an approved alarm to negotiate lower prices, it is possible to save up to 30% of the initial price in this way!

But your insurance will not stop there, since it is necessary to buy a padlock certified to French (NF) or European standards. The cost of such a lock is between 60 and 150€. If you do not insure your two wheels against theft, we still advise you to use this type of lock, which guarantees increased safety... You can try to get the padlock with the purchase of your two-wheelers, it is a common practice. If you insure your scooter against all risks, the anti-theft engraving on the chassis and fairings is also necessary... For this service charged 50 euros, it is possible to negotiate the price with your reseller or even to get it offered!

Next come the safety equipment, namely the helmet, gloves and jacket (optional). For the helmet, you can turn to jet (60€), integral (100€), cross (150€) or modular (200€). The prices are given as an indication and constitute an average... It is strongly recommended to buy motorcycle gloves, in order to protect yourself in case of a fall, you only have a pair of hands it would be a shame to damage them. Moreover, it serves well in winter! As for the leather jacket, it is more accessory than anything else on a 50cm3;)

Daily expenses

Also think about.... gasoline, because it can sometimes help to move a scooter or motorcycle forward! Here, it all depends on the type of trips you make and the distances covered, but also on the engine equipment you have mounted on your scooter. For example, a larger carburetor means higher fuel consumption... not to mention unapproved parts that can increase fuel consumption by a factor of 3! And given the price of fuel, this makes a difference of several tens of euros per month. For a daily round trip of 20Km on an original 50cm3 scooter, count around 6 or 7€ per week... But these figures are given for an original scooter of course;)

And have you thought about engine oil? This one must be renewed regularly, i.e. monthly, depending of course on your travels. As with gasoline, if you equip your scooter you will consume more oil, to the point of having to opt in some cases for superior quality 100% synthetic oils, very expensive. So count around 10€ of oil every two months for an original configuration and 15€ for an equipped scooter.

Also consider occasional visits (minor or serious breakdowns) and recommended visits (maintenance and overhaul every 5000Km) to your professional... He will most likely find defective mechanical parts that he will kindly suggest you to change, and the bill will only increase! Count between 100 and 150€ for the revision of the 10000Km (the fatal cap), and about 150€ for the following revisions.

Unnecessary expenses

As long as you like the beautiful mechanics and Tuning (this is the case for a good part of Scooter System visitors), your wallet will quickly empty into various equipment. In short, it starts as soon as the running-in is finished with a pot (115-300€), a dimmer (75-100€), a carburetor (65-150€), look equipment (40-150€), and it sometimes continues with the purchase of a 50 kit (100-200€)... You will find more information about the Tuning steps here.

These expenses are certainly secondary, but some make them a priority to the point of investing a large part of their income (apprentice salaries in particular)! This leads to other costs, mainly for garages, for example for mechanical adjustments of carburation, rollers, clutches, or breakdowns related to breakdowns, because the parts are more stressed....

In conclusion, don't think that once you buy a two-wheeler there are no more expenses. A scooter is, like a car, an investment, and it is necessary to plan and manage a budget. On the 1st year, you can count about 3500€ of expenses all included, and then 100€ per month all included (insurance, maintenance, gas...).

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