It's coming! The Xiaomi 10 series are expected to realse in early February

ByRenell Lokos 2020-01-14 775

[gearbest News] this year's Xiaomi 10 series may come a little earlier than last year. On January 14, netizens revealed that the Xiaomi 10 series is now fully certified and is expected to be released in early February. By contrast, Xiaomi 9 was released on February 20, 2019.

If the Xiaomi 10 series is really released in early February this year, then we may be able to see the official announcement of the Xiaomi 10 series later this year. Of course, as the flagship product of Xiaomi digital series, the configuration information of this series of mobile phones has always been one of the focus of everyone's attention. According to past experience, the configuration of Xiaomi 10 series will not be bad.

According to the known information, the Xiaomi 10 series will be equipped with a curved screen with a single hole, and the screen refresh rate will reach 90Hz, and the MIUI of this series of phones will probably be optimized according to the characteristics of 90Hz.

It will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon865 mobile platform, so the series of phones should also be expected in terms of performance, along with X555G baseband to support 5G networks.

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