MediaTek Dimensity 1000 ARM 5G chip benchmark score exposed

ByAbigael Levitt 2019-12-26 2248

On the afternoon of November 26th, MediaTek's "MediaTek 5G Program and Global Partnership Conference" was held as scheduled, and MediaTek official WeChat announced the official launch of MediaTek 5G mobile platform brand "Tianji" (Dimensity). But why does the name sound familiar? Isn't ZTE's mobile phone named "Tianji"? @ ZTE Mobile official Weibo also found out about this and left a message under MediaTek Weibo: "Why don't you go to heaven?" It's the same name without saying hello. "it's very interesting.


According to MediaTek official introduction, Dimensity is one of the Big Dipper, has been the guiding star since ancient times, but also represents oriental wisdom. MediaTek said that the new 5G mobile platform named after "Tianji" is also an important oath and commitment of MediaTek in the 5G era. MediaTek Dimensity 1000, "will guide the direction of science and technology in the 5G era, with the dazzling posture of the new era, illuminate a new era of mobile interconnection." Before the

MediaTek Dimensity 1000 ARM 5G chip AnTuTu benchmark score

An AnTuTu exposed the running score of MediaTek's flagship 5G SoC. According to the exposed running points, the MediaTek flagship 5G SoC in the Anhare V8 version of CPU runs 161266 points, GPU runs 196097 points, MEM scores 84463 points, UX scores 69537 points, the total running score reaches 511363 points, currently ranking first in the world, very strong. An AnTuTu said that in terms of running scores, MediaTek 5G SoC performed better than Snapdragon 855 Plus and Kirin 9905G.

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