NASA "Lunar Freight Transport" new member SpaceX and Blue Origin

ByKorella Mattiacci 2019-12-28 402

[gearbest News] recently, it has been reported that NASA has unveiled five new cooperation projects to the public. Among them, NASA will work with commercial airlines that can develop high-capacity robot landers to transport cargo and passengers to the lunar surface. These companies include SpaceX, Blue Origin and Sierra Nevada Corporation. NASA is taking these steps because they hope to send humans to the surface of the moon again by 2024. According to


, These companies will enter the original enterprise library and become part of NASA's commercial lunar transportation project. In addition, there are reports that NASA has selected three companies from the original enterprise library to land robots on the moon by 2020, including Astrobotic, Intuitive Machines and Orbit Beyond. But Orbit Beyond said they couldn't finish the task on time.

Blue Origin

Although new companies such as SpaceX and Blue Origin guarantee that their robot landers can carry enough load, they have not yet actually built or launched their vehicles. However, according to speculation, the development trend of the service project is still very optimistic, and new progress is expected in the coming months.

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