Not only Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung will also launch "scroll" phones

ByKelbee Fairgood 2020-01-14 1984

A few days ago, Samsung held a closed-door press conference in CES to secretly reveal the intelligence of the new phones to be launched to the top of the global telecommunications industry. According to reports, Samsung's second new folding screen phone is called Galaxy Bloom, and later the revelation god @ I BingUniverse corrected it, saying that Samsung's second folding screen phone's real name is Galaxy Z Flip. In addition to the phone, Samsung is said to have secretly demonstrated a new flexible screen device with a reel design at the conference.

Design diagram of Samsung scroll mobile phone.

According to related reports, Samsung secretly showed off a scroll design prototype that uses a flexible OLED screen, which has a special structure that allows the originally curled OLED screen to expand at the press of a button, greatly increasing the screen display area of the device. It is said that in order to solve the problem of protecting the flexible screen surface, Samsung does not use traditional glass, but uses polyimide (Polyimide).

In fact, Samsung showed off a mobile phone design similar to the current Galaxy Fold as early as 2013, and then applied for a reel phone design patent in 2015. It is estimated that Samsung will only show technology to potential customers this time, which may be related to the fact that the technology is not yet fully mature, which also means that Samsung reel phones may not be launched in the near future.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip rendering.

Samsung will hold a new product launch in San Francisco on February 11, and we may see Samsung's second folding screen phone, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, and the Samsung S20 series (Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra).

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