Offensive and defensive momentum different also Lei Jun: Xiaomi finally sold the rice cooker back to Japan

ByUlrick Consonni 2019-12-25 1706

[gearbest News] "Xiaomi sold the rice cooker back to Japan!" Lei Jun wrote on Weibo on December 9.

Xiaomi held a press conference in Japan, which not only officially announced its entry into the Japanese market, but also released a series of new products, such as Xiaomi Note10 (overseas version of Xiaomi CC9 Pro), Xiaomi bracelet 4, Xiaomi Mobile Power 3 and so on. 

However, many products also include a household appliance-Mijia IH rice cooker.

Meters IH rice cookers

I don't know since when, Japanese rice cookers have become one of the most sought-after items among purchasing agents. However, with the progress of domestic household appliances, domestic rice cookers are becoming more and more popular, and even become a part of the intelligent ecological chain. The rice cooker, IH, which was released in Japan yesterday, focuses on intelligent cooking, lowering the threshold for users to get started. The rice cooker sells for 9999 yen in Japan, or about 647 yuan.

Lei Jun Weibo

Lei Jun said on Weibo that December 9 was Xiaomi's debut in Japan and the conference was full of people. I believe that the Japanese people will certainly like the good products from China that are "touching and generous in price".

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