Samsung PAY will be widely promoted in 2020 and more countries can use it

ByAbigael Levitt 2019-12-26 3269

[Gearbest News] Samsung PAY is South Korea's Samsung Electronics mobile payment service based on NFC and MST technology. , Samsung PAY Mobile Smart pay service was officially launched in China on March 29, 2016. the first batch of supported models include Bank of China Note5, S6 edge+, S7 and S7 Edge.


Samsung PAY

Recently, it has been reported that Samsung said that Samsung PAY will be widely promoted in 2020, and the service will appear in more markets. Reviewing its development history, the service has gradually expanded to more countries and regions around the world since it was launched in August 2015. However, due to the slow progress in the introduction of Samsung mobile payment services, its promotion has been hindered to some extent. , Samsung PAY officially launched in Indonesia in


2019, and Samsung has not launched the service in any region. It is reported that during the year, Samsung developed more features for the service for users to use. Thus, Samsung has always been committed to providing users with the best mobile payment experience. According to the official statement, it is expected that Samsung PAY will be able to achieve "qualitative" development by 2020.

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