Samsung S11 + camera rendering: it actually looks like this

ByKariotta Daugherty 2019-12-30 2169

Recently, there have been endless revelations about the Samsung S11 series on the Internet, among which the design of the camera for this series of mobile phones has become one of the hot topics among netizens. According to previous revelations, the Samsung S11 series camera design is very "unusual", camera holes are frighteningly many, and the arrangement is also very "disorganized", giving people an overall sense of confusion.

Rendering of Galaxy S11+

However, on Nov. 16, Samsung authoritative blogger @ I Bing Universe posted a rendering of Samsung S11 + on Weibo, saying: "it looks like I have to do it myself. This is the correct arrangement of Samsung S11 + cameras." From the rendering of half of the Samsung S11+ released by him, we can see that the left half of the camera area is a vertical row of three cameras, some of which are circular or square, of different sizes, but generally neat.



What about the other half? Netizens joked, "the other half looks like this." And attached a self-made rendering, the right side is still very chaotic, very interesting. However, the digital blogger only publishes the rendering on the left side of the phone's camera, which also suggests that the layout on the right side of the phone may not be neat. According to the latest 3D rendering of the Samsung S11 series released a few days ago, the camera design of the left half of the phone is indeed very "neat", but the right half is very casual. In addition, judging from the revelations over and over again, this is basically the camera design of the Samsung S11 series.

Samsung S11 Series rendering 

Samsung S11 Series renderings 

According to previous news, Samsung S11 series includes Samsung S11e, Samsung S11 and Samsung S11 + phones, all of which support 5G network, will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865mobile platform, the European version may be equipped with Exynos 990processor, with greater improvements in cameras and batteries, and is expected to be unveiled at MWC 2020.

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