Softbank Corp. launched vacuum cleaner robot Whiz monthly service $499 per month

ByRey Esmond 2019-12-28 1279

[gearbest News] the latest Softbank Corp. robot Whiz is not as charming as Softbank Corp. 's previous assistant robot Pepper, it is actually a vacuum cleaner. Softbank Corp. Robotics US company (SBRA) and ICE Robotics introduced Whiz to the North American market at the Issa trade show for the Global Clean Industry Association in Las Vegas on Nov. 19, local time. The most interesting thing in the

Softbank Corp. Robot Pepper

Statement is not Whiz itself, but its business model. Softbank Corp. doesn't seem to plan to sell the robot, but offers a monthly cleaning service for $499 a month. It's like subscribing to an antivirus software for your computer.

Brady Watkins (Brady Watkins), director of business automation at Softbank Corp. robot Whiz (ZDNet)

SBRA, said: when we start to look at the cost of cleaning up a building, things get very interesting and I think there is a lot of profit here. Cass Dawson (Kass Dawson), director of strategy at Softbank Corp. Robotics, said: a sudden entry into the cleaning industry may seem abrupt, but I want to make it clear that based on the vision we are advancing, this is the second step for us to really define what market automation is.

At present, many cleaning departments, such as shopping malls, schools, offices, hotels and airports, mainly rely on manual cleaning, and when asked why they choose those specific business locations, Watkins and Dawson gave a straightforward answer: because they have a lot of carpets.

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