Sony WF-1000X M3: rumors about specs, features and price

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In recent years, Sony Audio has also transferred a lot of development energy to TWS earphone products. Now Sony shows WF-1000X M3, a new version of WF-1000X, Following the release of the first generation of noise reduction beans WF-1000x, Sony has also launched the sports market for the WF-SP700N and WF-SP900, mobile division has also integrated a Xperia Ear Duo specifically for mobile phones.

In this way, Sony's true wireless formation is also set up.

However, the performance of the initial noise reduction bean WF-1000X is really not satisfactory.

Although the sound performance of WF-1000X is good, the problems of delay and disconnection are still serious. After updating the firmware, we still need to adjust the transmission mode to "SBC Transmission priority" to maintain stability.

This kind of performance is really worrying. Sony WF-1000X M3

In this regard, everyone expects Sony to quickly update the noise reduction beans and launch a product that has a balanced performance in terms of stability and experience.

Now, Sony also seems to have heard the demands of users, ready to launch noise reduction beans WF-1000X updates.

The new product, called WF-1000X M3, has been the first to go online on the German ecommerce website Cobra and is priced at 249 euros, or about 1927 yuan.

According to images released by ecommerce website Cobra, WF-1000X M3 continues the design style of Sony's true wireless headphones, which looks more like a more stable WF-SP900 in texture.

The earphone is still designed with an in-ear design, and there is also a circular panel on the outside of the fuselage to realize the touch operation.

Sony removed the fixed structure from the headphones and relied solely on the ear-like position to fix the headphones.

Compared with the headphones themselves, the headphone charging box has a bigger change.

Sony has removed the previous strip design and replaced it with elliptical charging boxes that are common in true wireless, such as the AirPods, which will be easier to carry and receive than the previous generation.

Sony has added a status display lamp to the front of the charging box, the headphones can be connected to the charging box after being loaded into the charging box, and the warning lights in the three positions can show the same charging or connecting status.

Sony WF-1000X M3

This generation of charging boxes also comes with NFC chips, which make it easier to pair WALKMAN players with NFC phones.

In terms of headphone configuration, Sony installed a noise reduction decoding chip called QN1e on the WF-1000X M3.

Similar to the QN1 chip on the WH-1000XM3, QN1e is a new product that integrates noise reduction control and audio decoding capabilities.

From this we can see that QN1e should be QN1's solution for small wireless headphones.


Sony officials said in the release of the QN1 chip that this generation of WH-1000XM3 uses QN1 noise reduction chips, which can achieve four times the noise reduction effect of the previous generation of products.

The noise reduction effect of WF-1000X M3, with QN1e should be better than that of the previous generation.

Ecommerce website Cobra also stressed that Sony's QN1e chip is equipped with a separate DAC, that can support Hi-Res lossless music playback up to 24bit 192kHz specifications.

Sony WF-1000X M3

If the transmission of the WF-1000X M3 can keep up, then it should be a small number of Hi-Res Wireless certified true wireless headphones.

However, Cobra does not mention the transport modes supported by WF-1000X M3 in the product description page, and whether it can support LDAC is still a question.

Therefore, it can only be explained here that the QN1e chip can decode the lossless music of 24bit 192kHz, but whether WF-1000X M3 can realize the wireless transmission and playback of this specification is still open to question.

In addition, the stability of WF-1000X M3 can not support such a large data transmission, is also a problem.

Users who have used the first generation of noise reduction beans know that WF-1000X still has obvious transmission disconnect and delay problems, and at that time WF-1000X only used SBC mode for transmission, the amount of data is already the lowest level.

In this model, Sony officials still advise users to turn on "SBC connection first" to maintain stability, then the WF-1000X solution is still a bit of a problem.

As a result, many users are worried about whether the problem of unstable connectivity will be exacerbated by the increase in the amount of data transferred by WF-1000X M3.

For connectivity configuration, Cobra only indicates that WF-1000X M3 uses Bluetooth 5.0 and uses a true wireless scheme with separate binaural connections, while other configurations have not yet been described.

Well, its real performance is not expected to be known until it goes on sale.

At present, Cobra has been put on the WF-1000X M3 and pre-sold, and is expected to ship in two to three weeks.

However, Sony officials have not yet responded to the news, and the domestic official website and Sony Europe official website do not have details of the new product.

It is estimated that it will take some time to determine the authenticity of the message.

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