These are the 5 big improvements that would come to Android 11

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Probably when you're reading this your phone still has Android 9, or maybe you still have Android Oreo, but don't worry, because the numbers Google has given about Android fragmentation are encouraging, because Android Pie has been one of the fastest growing versions in the history of Android, and Android 10 and Android 11 could do even better thanks to projects like Project Mainline, which we've already told you in detail here at Unocero.

Android 11 

But the interesting thing about all this is that Google developers have already told us several of the keys of Android 11 in recent days during the Android Developer Summit 2019, and here we will give them a review.

But before we start we must clarify that Android 11 is still in an initial development, so the details on some news are not so specific, but Google has been clear that these are the issues where we will see great news for the next version of Android.

1- Privacy and security

Privacy and security are two topics that could start to sound repetitive, however, in the last month we have learned of many applications that managed to sneak into Android and which contained malware, so we know it is an issue where there is still much work to be done on behalf of Google.

Android 11 

Android 10 has improved notably in the privacy issue, giving more control in the permissions of the applications and limiting much more the freedoms that have the apps in the system.

With Android 11 Google seems to be planning to close even more Android, because many times you can not get victories without sacrifices. There has been talk of new permission controls and greater control in the applications and how they handle parts of the system, however, it is still too early to know exactly what news we will see with these two topics in Android 11, but Google wants to make it clear that they will continue to invest effort and resources in it.

2- Much faster updates

As mentioned earlier, Android Pie has been a version that has grown much faster in terms of device adoption compared to any other, and part of this success is due to Project Treble.

However, Project Mainline could surpass these numbers thanks to its modular updates, some of which will come through the Play Store, although in Android 11 they will seek to modularize the system much more so that updates are faster and easier for manufacturers.

Android 11 

3- Higher performance

Although we usually relate performance to hardware, the reality is that software plays a very important role in this section, and therefore Google is committed to making Android 11 deliver better performance on smartphones, no matter to a large extent what type of hardware they carry.

Part of these improvements will come thanks to the optimization of the applications in the new version, that is to say, they will look for that the operation of the apps is much faster without the need that the users make modifications to the system or that the developers have to make big changes in the code of their apps.

4- Useful innovations for the user

Innovation has its price, and often the "innovations" that users work on cannot be enjoyed by most of their customers. And in a market where there is such a variety of devices, Google has mentioned that they will be committed to "useful innovations", that is, those that can reach the majority of Android phones.

The clearest example of this is "Live Caption", a very interesting feature that is currently only available in Pixels, but that Google is committed to bringing to the largest number of devices on the market.

We'll see more of these features in Android 11, which although a start may not be released for millions of Android phones, we can be pretty sure that they will be available in more models soon after.

5- Quality applications

We cannot deny that one of the weak points of Android is the quality of the applications, there are millions of apps very well worked and with a great performance, but there are millions more that are not.

For this reason Google has announced something called Jetpack Compose, which is a point that will be more important for developers than for users, but in the end both parties will benefit from it.

And is that Google will put in this "package" many more APIs that will help new and existing applications improve their quality both visually and operation level, on the one hand the company will continue working for developers to follow the design lines of Material Design, while on the other hand will also give them code tools to optimize their developments as is the case of Camera X, a Google API that promises to solve the great problem between Android and Instagram at present.

Google  play

These are the pillars that Google has talked about for now, they will not be the only novelties of the operating system, but where we will see more news in the next Google I/O.

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