US police equipped with Boston Power Robot Dog was questioned by democratic institutions.

ByFinley Grove 2019-12-28 2206

[gearbest News] Police dogs have been fighting alongside the police for decades, sometimes sacrificing their lives to save human owners. Robots are also often used by law enforcement agencies to help, especially in the face of dangerous situations such as bombs. Now, an American police force has combined the two, testing the Boston-powered robot dog Spot for the first time in history.

Boston Power Robot Dog Spot

According to a document from the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Police Department rented Boston Power's "Spot" robot dog and conducted an ability test for a period of 90 days, ending on November 5. In August, the group submitted an application for documents from the Massachusetts Police Department on the use of Spot, as well as any records related to its "robot planning, procurement and / or use of robots" since 2015. The

Document states that the bomb squad of the Massachusetts Police Department will own the robot dog at all times and will assess its "ability to enforce the law, especially for remote inspection of potentially hazardous environments."

In addition, police spokesman David Procopio also said that Spot is used in the same way as other robots: it is only a "mobile remote observation device" and will not weaponize the robot dog. "Robotics is a valuable tool for law enforcement," he said, "because it provides situational awareness of potentially hazardous environments."

Michael Perry, vice president of business development at Spot

Boston Dynamics, Boston Power Dog, also assured: "part of our early evaluation process with our customers is to ensure that we are consistent in the use of robots. So we made it very clear to our customers that we didn't want the robot to be used in a way that might hurt others. "

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