What is e-sports?

ByNikolaos Bigby 2020-03-11 713

E-Sports. With the progress of science and technology and the development of society, I believe we are no longer unfamiliar with the term e-sports. However, how much do we know about e-sports? Now, let's follow the editor to learn what e-sports is.


E-sports (Electronic Sports) is an electronic game competition to achieve the "competitive" level of sports. E-sports is a kind of intellectual confrontation between people by using electronic equipment as sports equipment. Through exercise, we can exercise and improve the thinking ability, reaction ability, coordination ability and willpower of the participants, and cultivate the team spirit.

E-sports is also a profession, similar to chess and other non-video game competitions. On November 18, 2003, the State General Administration of Sports formally approved e-sports as the 99th formal sports competition. In 2008, the State General Administration of Sports changed the e-sports to the No. 78 formal sports competition. The 18th Asian Games in Jakarta in 2018 will include e-sports as a performance event.

E-sports is based on e-sports games, information technology as the core, software and hardware equipment as the carrier, in the virtual environment created by information technology, in a unified competition rules and fair competition under the protection of rules. With the gradual improvement of the policy, e-sports is becoming a brand-new sports.

Online games ≠ e-sports.

First, the basic attributes are different. Online games are for the purpose of entertainment, e-sports belong to sports, and online games are mainly simulation and role-playing for the purpose of pursuing feelings in the virtual world. E-sports is an organized intellectual confrontation between people in the virtual environment created by information technology.

Second, e-sports has clear and unified competition rules, which is characterized by strict time and round restrictions, while online games lack clear and unified competition rules and no time and round restrictions, which is easy to make people addicted.

Third, the electronic sports competition is a competition between athletes with a fair and fair sports spirit, which decides the outcome through the intellectual and physical confrontation between people, while online games are mainly the communication and interaction between man and machine or between people. It does not necessarily need human-to-human confrontation to judge the result.

Fourth, e-sports focus on thinking ability, reaction ability, mind and limb coordination ability, overall vision, willpower, and team spirit, while some online games only need to recharge to gain advantages, which is also the main difference between e-sports and online games.

E-sports and competitions.

First of all, e-sports can not do without the platform, that is, video games, computer games and smartphone games. All e-sports events are based on games. Most of the international games as e-sports 's events are direct confrontation FPS games, hero versus MOBA competitive games, and combat games. The well-known e-sports games include StarCraft 2, Warcraft 3, DOTA2, CSGO, DotA, League of Legends, Storm Hero, Thor Hammer, DNF, PUBG, APEX, Imperial Age, Vanity, Watchman Vanguard, FIFA, hearthstone Legend, Rainbow 6, Ring of Elysium, King Honor and other LAN / online warfare games.

The well-known world-class events such as WCG (World e-Sports Competition) is a good example of e-sports, and Daryou also served as the only designated keyboard and mouse brand in WCG2013 China; after WCG announced the suspension of 2014, IET Yiwu International E-Sports Competition inherited the mantle of WCG and carried the banner of e-sports comprehensive competition, and Daryou became the designated partner of IET peripherals.


The club is also called the team. Like clubs in sports leagues (such as NBA), it is a mutually beneficial organization formed by the gathering of players. Professional teams generally have unique logos (such as team logo, uniform) and unified training schedule. With the continuous improvement of the standardization of the industry and the level of the game, more and more new roles have emerged in the professional team, such as team leader, coach, analyst and so on. They are generally responsible for the behind-the-scenes work of the team, such as player guidance and game analysis.

Current situation of e-sports.

E-sports have been developing in the world for more than ten years. With the continuous standardization of the industry and the attention, commercialization and standardization of the mainstream media, the trend has become more and more obvious. As a new competitive sport, e-sports has developed into a kind of electronic game sports between people with the spirit of modern competitive sports.

Daryou's e-sports career.

As a well-known domestic peripheral brand, Daryou is committed to creating better peripheral equipment and has many years of experience in peripheral manufacturing and R & D. Daryou always adhere to the principle of quality first, external perfect pursuit and belief, only to provide users with more sophisticated peripheral equipment. At the same time, in order to promote the good development of e-sports industry, Dalyou cooperated with several electric competition teams to train more excellent players, and sponsored domestic well-known e-sports events many times to help build a good e-sports environment.

Daryou will continue to abide by his love and faith in e-sports and will always accompany you in the fight!

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