What is the experience of big screen intelligence? Redmi Xiao AI touchscreen speaker 8 inch to tell you.

ByBambi Schaefer 2020-04-08 1868

[secret review] the times are advancing and science and technology are developing. With the emergence of more and more intelligent products, in which the category of intelligent speakers continues to push through the old and bring forth the new, sales and all aspects show a continuous growth trend, which can be expected in the future. However, the smart speaker is not only a broadcast medium, but also a central point to control the smart home of the whole house. As a high-quality product of domestic intelligent speakers, Xiao AI speakers have a very rich product line layout. Now that, Xiao AI speakers add new forms and enhance the intelligent experience again, what is the mystery of the new "RedmiXiao AI touchscreen speaker 8 inches" this time?

RedmiXiao AI touchscreen speaker 8 inch.

The first feeling of getting started: don't worry.

Everyone has his own standard to evaluate whether the product is good or bad, and my standard is "don't worry". As a person who is super afraid of trouble, the requirement for all products is that the main function is obvious, intuitive, can really feel, and there is no need to bother to dig and unlock it. Therefore, in the face of a lot of feature-rich and powerful but trivial products, I usually stay away. But I am gratified that every major function of the 8-inch RedmiXiao AI touchscreen speaker is so important that it doesn't take much thought. The purpose of the existence of Xiao AI students is to make users worry.

RedmiXiao AI touchscreen speaker 8 inch.

Compared with the previous Xiao AI speaker products, there are obvious changes.

To me, Xiao AI is a very familiar old friend. Before the RedmiXiao AI touchscreen speaker 8 inches, I had a good time with two "Xiao AI". By comparing the 8-inch, RedmiXiao AI touch screen speaker with the previous experience, I feel the deepest change is the improvement in the performance of the oversized touch screen and voice recognition.

RedmiXiao AI touchscreen speaker 8 inch.

Among them, the large screen is reflected in the product name, please note that the RedmiXiao AI "touch screen" speaker "8 inches". As the name suggests, this Xiao AI speaker features an 8-inch IPS screen and is fully fitted to reduce screen reflection. In addition, the visual area of the screen is 36% higher than that of the 7-inch product and has a 178 °viewing angle. As a result, no matter what posture and angle you are in, you can easily see all the content on the screen.

RedmiXiao AI touchscreen speaker 8 inch.

When it comes to what is the most important feature of intelligent speakers, artificial intelligent voice assistants are naturally indefatigable. RedmiXiao AI touchscreen speaker 8-inch built-in third-generation Xiao AI students, really let users feel the improvement in intelligence, such as the user can be set through APP gestures, and then through the hand posture to convey instructions to Xiao AI students, the existing gesture instructions can pause and continue to play music; pause, resume, fast forward or rewind 15s video; answer the phone, hang up; turn off the alarm clock, collect videos. In addition, the third generation of Xiao AI students also master more than 1600 practical skills, which can provide meticulous help for users' daily life.

RedmiXiao AI touchscreen speaker 8 inch.

In addition to the above, the third generation of Xiao AI students can also support continuous dialogue and nearby awakening, so as to achieve continuous communication with smart devices. At present, the continuous conversation function can only be used in music playback, intelligent device control and translation. According to the test, the above functions can be realized in the 8-inch RedmiXiao AI touch screen speaker, and the operation flow is very simple.

RedmiXiao AI touchscreen speaker 8 inch.

However, the above mentioned are all regular performance upgrades, and the amazing change that I have made is "speech recognition". From the point of view of personal feelings, the requirements expressed by users will be copied word for word on the Xiao AI speaker screen through the intelligent identification system, which will also let users clearly see whether Xiao AI has received the correct requirements. After repeated tests, even in the case of fast speech speed or complex semantics, Xiao AI students can accurately identify the meaning of the discourse and act accordingly. On the whole, this is very useful to me. I think this is the charm that "Big screen + third-generation Xiao AI students" wants to show to the majority of users.

RedmiXiao AI touchscreen speaker 8 inch.

Amazing video viewing function.

Smart speakers are often used to play music or operate smart homes at home, but in fact, it can also bring us more fun. RedmiXiao AI touchscreen speakers 8-inch collection of Douyin, bilibili, iqiyi, Youku, Tencent, Mango TV six popular video platforms, can provide users with a high-definition viewing experience. The size and angle of the visual interface are very suitable, and the picture quality is no different from that of computers and mobile phones, and this speaker is larger and more intuitive than the mobile phone screen, easier to place and save space than computers.

RedmiXiao AI touchscreen speaker 8 inch video playback.

More importantly, the, RedmiXiao AI touchscreen speaker does a very good job of anti-reflection on the 8-inch screen, and any viewing angle can be satisfied. For drama hunters, this is simply a blessing. In addition, if you have used the 8-inch RedmiXiao AI touchscreen speaker to watch movies and TV dramas, you can avoid the scenes of mobile phone watching dramas being linked to Call. It would be beautiful to chat and watch both plays.

RedmiXiao AI touchscreen speaker 8-inch music playback.

A series of operations such as video playback can be controlled by gestures, and Douyin platform can also automatically turn pages and give likes through gestures. Since ancient times, "audio-visual" is a combination of 8-inch, RedmiXiao AI touch screen speakers to support QQ Music, sit on tens of millions of genuine music library, log in to your account, and automatically synchronize the collection of song lists and other information. In addition, audio platforms such as Himalayas and dragonfly FM are available. It can be said that it is a feast of audio-visual quality. Come and experience it if you don't believe it.

RedmiXiao AI touchscreen speaker 8 inch.

Feeling intelligence begins in childhood.

At present, more and more smart product categories begin to target "children", which also makes "sensory intelligence from childhood" deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In this mode, what I feel most is the functions such as "child face recognition" and quadruple child anti-addiction protection. When users switch to children, Xiao AI students will recognize and automatically enter children's mode, and then the desktop will be converted to children's exclusive desktop, and the whole process will automatically filter inappropriate content, turn on Blu-ray eye protection, and distance reminders to prevent myopia, which can bring more physical and mental protection to children.

RedmiXiao AI touchscreen speaker 8 inch.

Children can listen to stories, read and watch animations through 8-inch RedmiXiao AI touch screen speakers. The platform is also jointly launched in 51Talk, bringing children one-to-one interactive teaching by real-life foreign teachers. Generally speaking, the children's model is still very practical and will be more suitable for preschool and enlightening children.

No matter where you are, you can talk to "Xiao AI" at home.

With a large screen configuration, the 8-inch, RedmiXiao AI touchscreen speaker can become a two-way video medium. With a 200W HD camera, you can talk to your home at any time no matter where you are. At present, this function can make video calls with connected mobile phones, Mei Rabbit children's watches, Xiaomi televisions and other devices. If the above handheld and TV products want to make a video call, they must first interconnect by inputting the device code.

RedmiXiao AI touchscreen speaker 8-inch video call.

A powerful smart home leader.

Return to the core of the product, RedmiXiao AI touch screen speaker 8 inches aside entertainment, learning and other multiple responsibilities, it also takes on the important task of managing the smart home. Users can connect with the associated smart camera and intelligent doorbell at any time through the 8-inch touch screen speaker of RedmiXiao AI, and can check the status of intelligent devices in the house at any time. At the same time, it is equipped with Bluetooth mesh gateway function to support one-click distribution of intelligent devices. In short, the ecological perfection of its smart home is trustworthy.

RedmiXiao AI touchscreen speaker 8 inch.

Write at the end.

I believe that for many people, a smart product, no matter how powerful and rich, still needs to be put into practice. A lot of times, on the contrary, it is a simple and clear choice that will make people have a comfortable experience. RedmiXiao AI touch screen speaker 8 inch through high-definition large screen configuration, the third generation of Xiao AI students and more rich entertainment, children's system, to simplify the function, so that the performance advantage has been extremely highlighted. It makes intelligence more possible through a super-large screen. I do feel these, and I believe that everyone who sees the 8-inch RedmiXiao AI touchscreen speaker will like this life partner.

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