What you should know about 5G?

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In the twinkling of an eye, it is the end of 2019, and in the past year, 5G has experienced a wave of blowout development. From South Korea taking the lead in opening the global 5G commercial business to the issuance of 5G license in China, and then to October 31, China officially opened 5G commercial use. In less than a year, the development of 5G in China has far exceeded expectations. It has to be said that, in the face of global competition, who can grasp the tuyere of 5G and occupy the position in advance will be able to gain an advantage in the future competition.

China issued 5G license

Can actually describe "we live in the best era", whether 5G or big data, artificial intelligence, etc., have brought great changes to our lives, and the realization of good wishes is no longer so difficult. In the case of medical care, for example, thanks to the low delay of 5G network, China has completed several remote operations through 5G, which has brought good news to patients. Although this is only a portrayal of an industry, it makes the whole society full of development potential.

For mass consumers, the time when 5G is closest to us may be when we hold 5G mobile phones. As an important carrier to connect consumers with 5G networks, 5G mobile phones are getting closer and closer to us. With the issuance of 5G licenses, a large number of 5G mobile phones have been on the market in the past six months. Although the initial price is too high, their significance can not be measured by price. After that, with the commercial use of 5G, 5G mobile phones also began to break out in an all-round way. from the end of this year to the beginning of next year, there will be a large number of 5G mobile phones on the market, and users who want to buy them can quietly do a "first-class party".


Said that users who often follow 5G phones must know some interesting things, such as true and fake 5G, dual-mode 5G, and recently there has been a dispute between 5G band and 5G speed, throwing a long string of melons to onlookers, like TV series, the more interesting they watch. Of course, experts watch the way, laymen watch the hustle and bustle, for ordinary consumers, most of them are actually laymen, and the channels for people to get information when buying products are basically manufacturers' publicity or related shopping guides.

Today we are going to chat with you about the scientific knowledge behind these melons. Although they are relatively hard-core, they are absolutely approachable and easy to understand at a glance. It is said that it is better to teach people to fish than to fish. After learning these "cold" knowledge, the next time you talk about 5G with your friends, you can stand up and talk. Let's have a look.

The dispute between true and false 5G to dual-mode 5G

5G has two networking modes: independent SA and non-independent networking NSA. At the beginning of the release of 5G mobile phones, most products only support NSA networking, and 5G networks cannot be used under SA networking. On MWC2019, Yang Jie, chairman of China Mobile, said that from January 1, 2020, 5G terminals must have SA mode, while future efforts will be made to transition to an independent SA 5G network, while mobile phones using NSA network will not be able to access the network. For this reason, many partners think that non-independent networking NSA is fake 5G. In fact, what China Mobile said is that phones that do not support SA cannot be connected to the network from January 1, which does not mean that phones that have been released that support NSA cannot be used. After


People's Daily quoted Qin Fei, general manager of vivo Communications Research Institute, as saying that "all NSA 5G mobile phones launched this year will be able to use the year after next year or even the next 10 years." moreover, the people's Post and Telecommunications, which is directly under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, also published a long article in the second edition of July 4, saying that "both NSA and SA are real 5G--NSA 5G mobile phones can continue to be used next year," which is precisely under the repeated popularization of science. The battle between SA and NSA over the authenticity of 5G has just come to an end.

So far, we might as well have a complete understanding of NSA and SA,NSA non-independent networking refers to the existing 4G LTE network, through the addition of 5G equipment to achieve 5G network deployment; while independent networking is the use of brand-new 5G base stations, as well as core network, radio frequency and so on, that is, basically new equipment. But in fact, both sides are real 5G networks. For the current stage of development, NSA non-independent networking actually has its own advantages, such as making the deployment of 5G faster and the cost increasing less. However, in terms of the future development direction, SA networking will be a major trend, so it is inevitable that 5G mobile phones will support SA networking in the future.

Next, let's take a look at the 5G mobile phones to be released now and in the future. in fact, everyone has shifted the focus of publicity to the dual-mode 5G, indicating that their products have a more complete 5G network. This means that people can travel all over the country with mobile phones that support dual-mode 5G, as long as they have a 5G network.

5G band knowledge

According to the 3GPP standard, 5G network deployment will use two kinds of spectrum, namely FR1 and FR2,FR1 spectrum, also known as Sub6 (frequency range is 450MHz to 6GHz). Its advantage is large coverage area and long transmission distance. The frequency range of FR2 is from 24GHz to 52GHz, and most of the spectrum wavelengths are millimeter level, which is also known as millimeter wave mmWave, millimeter wave transmission speed and larger capacity, but the technical problems such as road damage and rain attenuation are still difficult to be solved completely.


As far as China is concerned, the bands divided by the three major operators are as follows:

China Mobile: 2515MHz-2675MHz 160MHz, band number n41MHz 4800MHz 100MHz, band number n79 (high frequency anti-jamming, high speed, difficult to overcome obstacles, low coverage, not yet in use);

China Unicom: 3500MHz-3600MHz total 100MHz, band number n78bombardment

China Telecom: 3400MHz-3500MHz total 100MHz, band number is 100MHz, band number is not yet in use); China Unicom: 100MHz, band number: 100MHz, band number: 100MHz, band number is 100MHz, band number is 100MHz. China Unicom and China Telecom share resources, so both can be seen as n78. In addition, the Chinese radio and television band number is n28, but it will take some time for commercial use, so we will not introduce too much here.

Technical requirements of China Mobile 5G handsets

From the technical requirements of China Mobile 5G handsets released by China Mobile, the frequency band of 5G handsets needs to support at least N41, N78 and n79 in order to meet the technical requirements of China Mobile 5G handsets. Of course, some 5G phones also directly support the N1 and N3 bands, which can be called the icing on the cake. Generally speaking, when buying 5G mobile phones, we should try our best to support N41, N78 and N79 bands. If there are more, it will be even better.

This downlink rate is not the other downlink rate

Many users often notice the parameter of downlink rate when looking at whether the speed of 5G mobile phones is fast. The higher the speed, the better the performance. Different solutions may have different downlink rates, for example, there is a great difference between the downlink rate under the Sub-6 standard and the downlink rate under the millimeter wave standard. As we mentioned above, the advantage of Sub-6 band is large coverage area and long transmission distance, while the advantage of millimeter wave is fast transmission speed and large capacity, which makes the downlink rate of millimeter wave standard is often higher.


But not this high rate is suitable for you, because different countries choose different frequency bands to deploy 5G networks according to their national conditions. For example, because American operators are vast and sparsely populated, local hot spots can support 5G, and the Sub-6 band involves part of its military frequency band, so they can only choose the millimeter wave band to develop. On the other hand, the three major domestic operators have chosen the more mature Sub-6 band according to the actual characteristics of our country and the technical and commercial situation.

So in this sense, comparing the downlink rate under the millimeter wave standard with the downlink rate under the Sub-6 standard is actually Guan Gong and Qin Qiong, which is not comparable, and as far as domestic use is concerned, it is obvious that Sub-6 is the mainstream of development. In addition, the millimeter wave function depends not only on the ability of the chip, but also on the support of network and mobile phone hardware. So far, the three major operators do not have a clear millimeter wave business plan, nor have they obtained the spectrum of the relevant frequency bands allocated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Therefore, even if millimeter waves are to be developed in China, it will take a long time.

Therefore, in view of this downlink rate, it is not necessary to fully refer to the book parameters when buying 5G mobile phones, the most direct way is to "mules are pulled out for a walk", and it is clear at a glance to measure the speed with different mobile phones. Must

5G mobile phone use 5G package?

This problem should bother many people, 5G mobile phone as a new thing we are not very familiar with, the initial stage of development is the need to continue to popularize science. Many consumers will think that it is necessary to have a 5G package to buy a 5G mobile phone, otherwise it won't work. In fact, if you have bought a 5G mobile phone, even if you do not have a 5G package, you can still use it normally, and even the Internet speed will be improved on the basis of the 4G network. The speed test of

Take the example of a speed test made by the author before using a 5G mobile phone without a 5G package. When 5G is turned on, the phone's notification bar will display a 5G signal. But the author uses the 4G package, will the speed become faster? After testing, it is found that the downlink speed has reached 305Mbps, which translates to our common download speed of 38MB. Have you ever seen this speed in the traditional 4G network? And in our previous-Video, 4G mobile phone + 4G package = 4G speed, if it is 5G phone + 4G package = 5G speed (speed limit 300Mbps). If you are interested, you might as well try to go to the business hall with your own card.

5G mobile phone and other 5G related content as a new thing. In fact, the information held by chip manufacturers, terminal manufacturers and consumers is asymmetric. Consumers often become followers of manufacturers' propaganda because they do not understand a lot of content. Manufacturers have also become an important channel for consumers to obtain 5G-related information. This requires the major manufacturers in the process of publicity, to achieve accurate publicity, accurate guidance, do not avoid important points because of information asymmetry, or even deliberately mislead.

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