Will smartwatches replace smartphones?

ByJoe Horner 2019-06-27 2219

As one of the products of the era of science and technology, mobile phone provides people with great convenience. Whether in life or at work, we need to use smart phones. After the advent of smartphones, many other smart devices have also been developed. Like a smartwatch. At present, the functions of smartwatches on the market are relatively comprehensive, including ECG test, pulse test, alarm clock, health step statistics and so on. There is a lot of speculation about whether smartwatches will replace smartphones for some time to come. Will smartphones disappear? Well, let's discuss this problem together!

Will smartwatches replace smartphones



Smartwatch features are more comprehensive, we can use the watch to make video calls, but also can watch pictures on the watch, read novels, watch movies, and even play games, that is to say, smartphone almost all the functions, smartwatch almost all, and compared to smartphones, as if the smartwatch is more portable.

Will smartwatches replace smartphones

Advantages of smartwatch

First of all, let's analyze the advantages of a smartwatch. Since a smartwatch is a watch, it should be worn on the wrist, while the mobile phone is held in people's hands. When used, the mobile phone may fall to the ground because of a mistake, and the watch is worn. Therefore, the safety factor of the smartwatch is a little higher. In addition, the mobile phone is carried in the bag or pocket, but the watch does not need to do so. If you can win in the market factors, then convenience is one of the main reasons.

Will smartwatches replace smartphones

The disadvantages of smartwatch

So what are the disadvantages of smartwatches? As we all know, when we use a mobile phone, we just need to get our own visual distance to operate, but because the smartwatch has a small screen and is worn on the wrist, we need to raise our hands and arms a little bit when we operate, but we feel tired when we raise our arms and hands for a long time, so the screen of a smartphone is bigger than that of a smartwatch. It is still more convenient to operate the mobile phone, and if the screen of the watch becomes larger in the future, it is still possible to compete with the mobile phone.

Will smartwatches replace smartphones

In fact, a lot of technology comes from imagination, the foldable screen mobile phone released this year is a typical example, the screen support folding technology has been realized, if the future mobile phone can be made into a watch, wear it on people's wrists, and then take it off the wrist when using it, is it particularly convenient? Combining smartwatches with smartphones, while difficult to implement, is innovative.

Will smartwatches replace smartphones

As for the question of whether smartwatches can replace smartphones, according to the current level of domestic technology, smartwatches will not be able to shake the status of smartphones in a short period of time, but the future has not yet come. We don't know what the smartwatch will look like in the future, so let's look forward to it together. I don't know what you think of this problem. Do you think smartwatches can replace smartphones?

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