XESS Acoustic Electric toothbrush Cosmetic Mirror Beauty instrument three-piece set of fairies in the home

ByBradan Pepper 2020-01-07 2476

This year's CES exhibition on the, TCL XESS ecological chain products left a deep impression on the house. During the exhibition, the XESS family's sonic electric toothbrush, cosmetic mirror and beauty instrument Lenovo CES 2019, which can be called the fairy three-piece set. At that time, the house secretary wanted to get such a set of products, and this wish was also realized in the TCL smart home model room of the second phase of the AI home plan in Shenzhen station. The secretary of the house is equipped with this three-piece set for the TCL test AI division, and also takes this opportunity to have a good time.

XESS sonic electric toothbrush.

There are many electric toothbrushes on the market, but there are very few exquisite electric toothbrushes like XESS sonic electric toothbrushes. In terms of appearance, the XESS sonic electric toothbrush arranged in the TCL house intelligent home model room is red. Red has been a symbol of joy since ancient times, whether it is the palace wall or the Spring Festival couplets during the Spring Festival, people will convey solemn and joyful emotions through red, red also gives this product color mood.

XESS sonic electric toothbrush is not only bold in color matching, but also quite bold in its overall styling design. When you first got it, you would think of turnip Ding and Guerlain lipstick, cocoon design with golden waistline, which instantly promoted the toothbrush from daily necessities to the ranks of luxury goods, and the skin-friendly material also made this product have an excellent grip feel.?.

In the design of function keys, XESS sonic electric toothbrush is very simple, there is only one round button on the body, and the function can be switched by pressing the button. In the process of use, this product has four cleaning modes: cleaning, whitening, nursing and massage, which is convenient for users to choose.

At the same time, the use of DuPont bristles, bristles 3D three-dimensional cutting, length up to 9.9mm, fit the Radian of the tooth surface of the professional brush head, effective care of the gums. In the process of brushing teeth, the high-frequency amplitude motor can produce nearly 40000 vibrations per minute, driving the swing of the bristles, and the bubbles can quickly hit the teeth with high frequency and clean the teeth deeply.

In the packaging, the toothbrush is equipped with the same color travel box, wireless charger and the exclusive first Lightwave double cleaning Mini cleaning box. The travel box can hold a toothbrush body and two brush heads, and the spare brush head can be replaced even if you travel for a long time. At the same time, this product can be used for up to three weeks on a single charge, eliminating the trouble of carrying a charger on a short trip.

In the whole accessories, the light wave cleaning disinfection box is a very innovative product. Built-in 45KHz ultrasonic self-cleaning device and ultraviolet lamp beads, ultraviolet disinfection sterilization rate of 99%, can effectively kill the bacteria remaining on the toothbrush head.

XESS smart makeup mirror R1.

At present, there are many smart beauty mirrors on the market, but most of them are products ranging from tens to hundreds of yuan on gearbest. These products are not only color-biased, but also the display effect of the mirror is not ideal. At the same time, the rough design also makes these products not advanced enough in use.

The most attractive thing about XESS smart make-up mirror R1 is the mirror, which uses the circular light design commonly used in the market, which allows the little sister to shine a uniform light on her face when putting on makeup. The 360-degree side-type ring lamp is equipped with a high color rendering lamp bead with a color rendering index of up to 98%, which can maximize the facial color, reduce the color difference, and make the light source have the characteristics of no shadow, high color rendering and true clearness, and the light is natural, soft and bright on the face.

Under the mirror is a metal pillar and below is a multi-faceted base. The overall design is simple and generous, there is a strong sucker under the base, when the base is placed on the table, it will be firmly attached to the table, it takes a lot of strength to make XESS fashion smart makeup mirror R1 free.

The top of the base is equipped with switch / switch buttons and brightness adjustment keys, with tricolor analog ambient light, which can simulate different environments. When in use, the color temperature can be switched by finger touch and stepless sliding dimming, and the brightness can be controlled by gently sliding. It is equipped with a human sensor directly in front of it. When people sit in front of the mirror, the light will automatically turn on, and 10 seconds after leaving, the light will automatically go out, so that the little sister can light up without a hand in front of the mirror when putting on makeup.

XESS Intelligent V-face Radio Frequency Beauty instrument BR-1.

It is human nature to pursue beautiful things, and our face is our facade, so taking good care of our face is tantamount to maintaining our facade. XESS intelligent RF radio frequency beauty instrument as the savior of women, as long as there is such a product, cleaning, introduction, moisturizing, pull, wrinkle removal, eye soothing and other facial spa can be realized at home.

In actual use, long press the switch / function switch key more than 2S to start the beauty meter; short press the switch / function switch key to switch the function; after use, press the switch / function key more than 2s to close the beauty meter. Short press the intensity toggle button to switch the function; when the beauty meter is in the corresponding mode, the indicator light is white, and other indicators are not lit. When the power of the beauty meter is sufficient, the power indicator is not lit; when the power is about to be exhausted, the red light flashes; the blue light flashes during the charging process, and the full blue light is always on.

Among them, the clean skin mode can effectively clean the face, the iontophoresis mode facilitates the absorption of facial care products, the lifting and shaping mode is used to improve the facial profile, and the radio frequency rejuvenation mode generates radio frequency current through the electrode head to play the function of whitening and wrinkle removal. and cold compress can effectively shrink pores and prevent nutrition loss of skin care products.

TCL equips the product with an oversized lithium battery and a wireless charging base, giving the product an intelligent and portable function. At the same time, the 45 °head tilt design makes this product highly recognizable., Baby Skin skin feel paint highlights the XESS brand's design concept of creating extreme luxury products based on ergonomics, making beauty a common occurrence.

The end.

As a high-end brand of TCL, XESS's products not only provide more effective and high-quality services for users who pursue intelligent technology and aesthetics, but also give people who pursue quality a new choice.

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