Xiaomi Mi Surface Display 34 inch Using Experience

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What on earth is popular with monitors nowadays? Curved screen, 34-inch belt fish screen, anti-blue light eye protection, 144Hz refresh rate, these are! Of course, the price does not want to be too high, it is best to control it within 2000 yuan. To sum up, we finally set our sights on Xiaomi's latest Xiaomi Mi Surface Display 34-inch curved screen display. What is its performance? Let's take a look at it together.


Shocking simple design

Xiaomi mi surface 34-inch curved screen display adheres to the consistent design style of Xiaomi family products in appearance, and simplicity has become its biggest feature. The whole body is designed in black, angular and angular, no matter it is placed in the home environment or the office, it will not appear too grandiose, and can be integrated into different environments.


Taking the monitor out of the package, in addition to the main screen part, the assembly of the bracket part is also very easy. Through the simple buckle design, the lifting platform can be closely connected with the display screen, and one button can be used to lock or open it.


Of course, in addition to the upright use of the seat, the display also supports mounting, and the back of the display is pre-positioned in advance.


In addition, the bracket and the baffle design on the back of the screen also adopt a relatively simple magnetic design, which is easy to open and close and easy to use. In addition, these parts can easily put too long cables among them, making the desktop as a whole cleaner.

The cover plate of the back bracket is installed by magnetic method

Cables can be stored in both baffles to keep the desktop clean and tidy

In addition to the visual screen on the front, the frame has a very narrow design, that is, the "chin" is slightly wider, but it is also much narrower than the traditional display.

In the lower right corner of the front "chin", a simple white indicator light shows the working status of the monitor all the time.

Rear function key

The function keys of the display are arranged vertically on the back of the indicator, in which the power keys are distinguished from other keys in different sizes, and the user can still operate accurately even if they cannot be seen.

Interface design

In terms of interface, the display provides 2 HDMI2.0, 2 DP1.4 and a 3.5mm audio output, which is sufficient for the average user.

Light up! Look at the display effect

Display is different from other products, its biggest function point is only one-display effect. Previously, the secretary of the house has explained the reasons for choosing this millet 34-inch curved display. Below, corresponding to these reasons, let's take a look at the effect of the display. The central curvature of


1500R brings an excellent sense of immersion

First of all, the first parameter of the curved screen needs to look at the central curvature, which mainly reflects the curvature of the display. Xiaomi 34-inch curved screen display has a central curvature of 1500R, that is, to draw a circle with a radius of 1.5 meters, and the degree to which the edges are bent is the degree of bending of the display. The value of the central curvature shows that this is a display designed with large curvature. The advantage is that it can bring users a more immersive experience.

In addition, the screen ratio is 21VR 9, which is a typical 34-inch fish screen. This is a popular display design, not only for the game experience, but also for a better experience in the office.

For the work of the house secretary, on such a huge screen, the house secretary can completely open multiple windows, through their own random display, so that they do not have to switch between multiple windows repeatedly, which is really a great feeling. At the same time, it also greatly improves the efficiency of daily work.

The side of the screen is very thin

In terms of resolution, Xiaomi 34-inch curved screen display can support the high resolution of 3440X1440 pixels, this resolution is also the current higher resolution, the overall picture is clearer.

At present, many high-definition desktops and videos also begin to support the resolution of 3440X1440, and when used with this display, the effect is even more amazing.

In the game settings, you can see that the resolution is 3440x1440

It is worth mentioning that the screen of Xiaomi's display uses a Samsung-branded panel, which can be seen in the message that it has been certified by TUV RWE and is aimed at the low blue part. At the same time, the monitor also has a built-in anti-blue light mode, so that users will not have too many negative feelings when facing the screen for a long time.

Display information center TUV RWE certification information

The test results of red spider are as follows:

In general, the routine test of the monitor is carried out by the red spider (Spyder 5 Elite 5.2). The specific results are as follows:

First of all, the first test results show that the color gamut of the monitor is 100% sRGB, 80% NTSC and 85% AdobeRGB,. In the current display products, it is regarded as the first echelon of performance!

Hue corresponding test

Gray scale test

Test results of other projects

Comprehensive performance result

From the test results of the red spider, the performance of the millet 34-inch curved screen display is relatively satisfactory, whether it is color restoration, color temperature control and other aspects of the results are basically maintained at a relatively good level.

The actual scene experience performed well

Of course, the red spider test is only part of it. If you want to know how it works, let's take a look at the actual effect. When it comes to the actual combat effect, the first is the game experience, because, after all, the refresh rate of 144Hz is generally known as the e-sports screen, mainly to provide a smoother picture effect for the game.

After "Watchman Vanguard" turns on 144Hz mode, the overall game screen feels much smoother in the course of the game, especially in the case of fast turn-around leading to high-speed switching of the screen, which shows its unique advantages.

Normal shooting screen

The effect of zooming in on the screen with a mobile phone is as follows:

Zoom in on the mobile phone to shoot

Zoom in a little bit:

Zoom in to the maximum picture

This display effect is obviously very amazing!

Game experience process

In addition, one of the larger advantages of the fish screen in the game also lies in its wider field of view, in such a proportion of the screen, the player can see a slightly wider field of vision than the traditional proportion of the screen, that is to say, when playing some games, it is entirely possible that you have found the enemy, but the enemy can not see you!

World of Warcraft experience


Overall, in such a price range, the user experience of Xiaomi's 34-inch curved display is very impressive. From the office point of view, the 34-inch fish screen can make more windows appear in the visual range of the screen at the same time, improving the office efficiency of users; from the perspective of watching movies, the display of high-definition resolution and excellent color restoration greatly improve the viewing experience. From the game point of view, 144Hz refresh rate, bring a more smooth game painting at the same time, with 1500R curvature, for gamers to bring a more immersive game experience!

In the eyes of the secretary of the house, it is quite good to have such a display at such a price. At least for now, this screen of the house secretary has become the most eye-catching existence in the company!

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