Top 5 fitness tracker for weight loss in Gearbest

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Losing weight is an eternal theme for beauty lovers and people who want to build a perfect figure and have a healthy body. Here comes the question. How to lose weight fast and healthily? Are there any tools that can help me lose weight healthily? Now, I will introduce 5 fitness tracker for you to keep a reasonable and healthy weight loss program!

best effect on skimming weight loss

If you doing exercise combine the weight loss heart rate with the fitness tracker, which I'll introduce, you must can get an ideal figure. Now, let's take a look at these top 5 fitness tracker in Gearbest.


 No.1 Xiaomi Mi band 4: the most cost effective smart band.
 No.2 Xiaomi Mi band 3: the most durable fitness tracker.
 No.3 HUAWEI Honor band 4: the most professional sports bracelet.
 No.4 HUAMI AMAZFIT Verge: the most powerful smart bracelet.
 No.5 HUAMI AMAZFIT Cor2: the most practical fitness band.


No.1 Xiaomi Mi band 4: the most cost effective color screen smart band

● AMOLED color screen

● 77 dial theme

● 6-axis high precision sensor

● 6 sport modes

● NFC+Alipay+Xiaoai AI assistant


Mi band 4 as a new released fitness tracker, broke through the boring black and white screen of previous Mi bands. Adopt AMOLED color screen for the first time and provide 77 kinds of dial them for you choose. This is more in line with the pursuit of new young generation.


Xiaomi Mi band 4


But for people who lose weight, it's more important in sensor. This time, the Mi band 4 built-in 6-axis high precision sensor, which means the Mi band 4 can monitor your exercise more accurate, be able to identify more complex trajectories.

Xiaomi Mi band 4

At the same time, Mi band 4 support indoor running, exercise, swimming, cycling, walking, outdoor running six sports modes. This fitness tracker support intelligent recognition of freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly and medley stroke, can gives the corresponding suggestions to help users adjust the swimming mode. It is helpful to improve the swimming experience of users and achieve the purpose of exercise better.

Xiaomi Mi band 4

What's more, Xiaomi Mi band 4 retains the motion secondary screen and automatic heart rate warning function, in the exercise process can be raised at any time to view the current motion data, do not have to carry your mobile phone to check sport data. It's absolute friendly for fitness person.


Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet International Version - Black

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet International Version - Black
$85.82 $42.99


More over, the NFC version support NFC, Alipay offline payment and Xiaoai AI assistant. Imagine that when you go home after exercise, go to the store to buy a bottle of water, open the door and turn on the light, a smart band can solve all the problems. No longer need to bring a sport bag to packing keys, access cards, bus cards and wallets.


Xiaomi Mi band 4


But unfortunately, these functions only works in China. In this way, the Mi band 4 is not so perfect. May be we can imagine what the next Mi band 5 will be, perhaps these useful functions can use abroad. According to these functions, the Xiaomi Mi band 4 is the most cost effective smart band in Gearbest!

No.2 Xiaomi Mi band 3: the most durable fitness tracker

● UV Coating+5ATM waterproof

● High strength wrist band

● Motion secondary screen

● Message reminder


According to the sales report, Mi band 3 is the most popular smart band in Gearbest, but the product changing with each passing day, Mi band 3 is no longer the best sports bracelet in user's mind. Anyway, it still has a lot of advantages for weight loss.


Xiaomi Mi band 3

When we exercise, there are often some collisions. It is very inconvenient to bring a mobile phone, and it is even more dangerous to bring a valuable watch, which may be damaged by accident. But Mi band 3 is different, it is very safe.


Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Smart Bracelet

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Smart Bracelet - BLACK
$45.89 $24.99


The integrated black panel is treated by UV Coating process and coated with anti-fingerprint coating, which improves the wear resistance of the bracelet panel. With the waterproofing rating upgraded to 5ATM, the fitness band has more usage scenarios, even can wear it to swim in swimming pools and shoals, and wear it in the shower. This is very convenient and safe for people who doing exercise.

Many users may worry that the wristband of the bracelet will fall off easily when they doing exercise. But this situation will not happened with Mi band 3. Xiaomi Mi band 3 is made of thermoplastic elastomer, and the contact part of human body is made of soft skin-friendly material. And improve the strength and life of the wrist band, effectively avoid the loss of the bracelet. In order to prevent band from falling off, the inner lining and outer ring of wrist band are formed by two-color integrated molding process and coated twice to increase the PC ring, close bite and wrap the main body of the bracelet.

Xiaomi Mi band 3

Many users of the smart bracelet like to exercise, in practice, Xiaomi Mi band 3 in the sports scene through a larger screen to achieve the so-called motion secondary screen function. In Mi Fit APP mode, turn on any item of outdoor running, indoor running, cycling or walking, and raising your wrist will look at key data such as time, distance and heart rate during exercise on the screen of Mi band 3. In this way, you no longer have to take out your cell phone. You just need to understand the relevant data by lifting your wrist to adjust your movement rhythm. When the exercise exceeds the user's physical load or heart rate, the bracelet will vibrate and alert.

Xiaomi Mi band 3

Here may have friends feel confused about how to use Mi band 3. In Gearbest Blog's previous article have a detailed introduction, you can refer it. In one word, the Mi band 3 is very suitable for sports enthusiasts, if you have low interest in sport, buy one to use as a multi-functional hand-up bright screen waterproof electronic watch is also quite good, after all, this price is still worth for this most durable fitness band in Gearbest.

No.3 HUAWEI Honor band 4: the most professional sports bracelet

● AMOLED color screen

● 6-axis high precision sensor

● HUAWEI TruSleep

● HUAWEI TruSeen 3.0

● NFC+Alipay


Although Huawei Honor band 4 was released earlier than Mi band 4, many people may feel that it could not be as advanced as Mi band 4 in terms of functionality. But wrong, Honor band 4 is already step ahead of technology.


HUAWEI Honor 4 Sports Smartband - Marble Blue

HUAWEI Honor 4 Sports Smartband - Marble Blue
$55.84 $32.99

The Honor band 4 use 0.95 inch AMOLED color screen, which can display 45 Chinese characters once time. This is the same with Mi band 4, but earlier than Mi band 4.

The Honor band 4 using 6-axis sensor, a 3-axis gyroscope is added to the 3-axis acceleration sensor, coupled with a high-precision algorithm, the trajectory of the object in space can be calculated, and the motion recording is more professional.

Huawei Honor band 4

Honor band 4 has 7 exercise modes: outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, free training, swimming pool swimming, automatic monitoring of various sports, count the number of minutes of high-intensity activities for users.

The sleep monitoring function of Huawei Honor band 4 is effectively, the starting and ending time points of sleep recorded are very accurate. The HUAWEI TruSleep sleep detection technology, which in deep cooperation with the CDB Center of Harvard Medical School, has been clinically compared and verified in the tertiary first class hospitals in China.

Huawei Honor band 4

It is also the first application of sleep staging monitoring technology based on PPG in the industry, which can automatically identify the sleep time and out-of-sleep time of the testers. The sleep status of the subjects was judged. For weight loss people, a high quality sleep also play an important role.

Huawei Honor band 4

The total number of beats is limited (about 2.5 billion to 3 billion beats), and resting heart rate is an important indicator of heart health. To this end, Honor band 4 specifically adds the TruSeen V3.0 intelligent monitoring algorithm, as long as you keep wearing your watch, it will automatically record your resting heart rate and add a guarantee to your health.

Huawei Honor band 4

The other function what walks in front of Mi band 4 is the NFC and Ailipay payment. Mobile payment and the IoT are the mainstream in the near future, But the Honor band 4 pay more attention in health care. So this fitness tracker is very popular and become the most professional sports bracelet in Gearbest.

No. 4 HUAMI AMAZFIT Verge: the most powerful smart bracelet

● Corning gorilla 3 reinforced glass + AMOLED



● Call and answer the phone



Many friends who have experienced HUAMI AMAZFIT Verge say that, AMAZFIT Verge is using the price of HUAMI to experience the Samsung brand.


Huami smartwatch comes with its own deeply customized Android, the interface is easy to understand, and the UI is easy to manipulate. Gently press the power key to enter the dial, with Huami watch APP, can switch 10 different themes. The corning gorilla 3 reinforced glass avoid damage in the course of exercise.



In sport mode, AMAZFIT smartwatches use a new generation of high-precision optical sensors and algorithms to monitor more accurately and consume less power. The all-day heart rate recording function allows you to see your heart rate changes throughout the day, detect anomalies in time, and protect your health.


AMAZFIT Verge Multifunctional IP68 Waterproof Practical Smart Watch ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product ) - Carbon Gray

AMAZFIT Verge Multifunctional IP68 Waterproof Practical Smart Watch ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product ) - Carbon Gray
$168.04 $119.99


What's more, out of professional motion detection, using AMAZFIT OS and support phone call. Which means, when you are on the treadmill, just lift your wrist can answer the phone call. Never miss any important call. I have to say that the HUAMI AMAZFIT verge is the most powerful smart bracelet in Gearbest!

No. 5 HUAMI AMAZFIT Cor2: the most practical fitness band

● 1.23 inch IPS LCD color screen

● 3-axial Acceleration Sensor+PPG Heart Rate Sensor

● 5ATM waterproof


As the earliest released smart band of these five fitness band, the AMAZFIT Cor2 may doesn't look attractive enough. But for people who simply want to use and monitor motion data during exercise is a good choice.


The light-weight, unobtrusive design of the AMAZFIT Cor lets you wear it day and night. It accurately records your exercise steps, calories burned, exercise heart rate and other activity information. The sleep-monitoring function automatically records your resting status and analyzes your sleep quality. With the AMAZFIT Cor, you'll know more about yourself.


Original AMAZFIT Cor2 Smart Bracelet International Version ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product ) - Black

Original AMAZFIT Cor2 Smart Bracelet International Version ( Xiaomi Ecosystem Product ) - Black
$68.67 $46.99


Exercise is important, no matter how busy you are. So, with the AMAZFIT Cor connected to the Mi Fit app you can choose various exercise programs to suit your needs. Get active--stay active--and watch as your quality of life improves! Do you agree that the HUAMI AMAZFIT smart band is the most practical fitness band in Gearbest?



The scientific way to lose weight is to control calorie intake and increase activity to ensure that energy consumption is greater than energy intake. Therefore, accurate sports data monitoring and heart rate detection is very necessary.

There is a formula for weight loss heart rate:

220 - your age = your maximum heart rate

Generally, up to at least 60% - 80% of this value, which has the best effect on skimming weight loss. Maintain this rate and exercise 30 minutes, this can give full play to the effect of weight loss.

Here is a simple comparison of these five sports bracelets for your reference:

Top 5 fitness tracker for weight loss in Gearbest


Mi Band 4

Mi Band 3



Honor band 4

Release time







0.95 inch


1.3 inch

1.23 inch

0.95 inch

Sport mode






Health monitoring

Goal reminder, goal setting, sleep detection, manual heart rate.
All-day heart rate, resting heart rate, heart rate curve, sedentary reminder

Standard reminder, sedentary reminder, sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, calorie consumption review, exercise mileage

Standard reminder, sedentary reminder, sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, calorie consumption review, exercise mileage

Standard reminder, sedentary reminder, sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, calorie consumption review, exercise mileage

Standard reminder, sedentary reminder, sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, calorie consumption review, exercise mileage


3-axial accelerometer + triaxial gyroscope
Self-developed PPG Heart rate Sensor
Capacitive wear monitoring sensor

3-axial acceleration sensor
PPG heart rate sensor

Sensor optical sensor
Acceleration sensor
Geomagnetic sensor
Air pressure sensor
Ambient light sensor
Wear detection sensor

Triaxial Acceleration Sensor

PPG Heart Rate Sensor

6-axis inertial sensor
separated PPG heart rate meter infrared wear detection sensor

Other functions

Xiaoai AI assistant
Alipay payment


Xiaoai AI assistant


Alipay payment

Battery life

20 days

20 days

5 days

20 days

20 days














Read at here, you must have a deeply understanding of these five fitness tracker. For people who want have a healthy body, exercise is essential. The right way of exercise and reasonable monitoring of exercise data can make you have a healthier body. Hurry up! Let's pick one of your favorites.


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