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Buying Guide Screen Protectors Buying Guide

Screen Protectors Buying Guide

Screen protectors are the most basic requirement for protecting mobile phones. After buying a mobile phone, many people will put a protective film on the screen, which can protect the screen from water and dust. In addition, the screen protector playing the role of refurbishing the old machine and beautifying the phone.

Topics in this buying guide:
  • What is Screen Protectors?
  • Features of Screen Protectors.
  • 5 things to consider before buying Screen Protectors.
  • 3 best Screen Protectors in 2020

  • What is Screen Protectors?

    Screen protectors, also known as mobile phone beauty film, mobile phone protection film, is a cold laminating film that can be used to the phone body and screen. 

     Mobile phones have become daily necessities and must be with you every day, but the screen of the mobile phone is very fragile. The price of mobile phones is high, and the cost of replacing the screen of the phone is not low. In order to protect the mobile phone, you need to put a screen protector on the phone. With it, you can avoid wearing the screen when you use it, reducing the huge loss of repairing the screen. 

    With the development of large-screen mobile phones, screen protector have gradually entered people's field of vision, and has become a trend.

    Features of Screen Protectors

    1. Material: Tempered Glass, Frosted (PET) and TPU

    Tempered glass screen protector is a high-end new product with the most enhanced protection for the screen. The surface is sufficiently hard, scratch-resistant, and increases shock absorption. It is 5 times higher than the standard of PET film, and the light transmittance of the screen is as high as 98%, which will not affect the screen video effect. Tempered glass is both hard and brittle.  

    Frosted (PET) screen protector has high light transmittance, there is no adhesive residue after tearing off, and it is not easy for small bubbles in the middle of the film to appear. However, the high reflectivity will cause users to not see the characters on the screen, and it is easy to leave fingerprints and other marks on the surface.  

    TPU screen protector has the characteristics of scratch resistance, high permeability, no crystal point and no water ripple. Compared with other materials of screen protectors, the texture is very thin and light, with ductility and retractability, which can easily solve the problems of white edges and warped edges of the tempered film. 

    2. Thickness: Mainly 0.1mm, 0.26mm and 0.33mm.  

    0.1mm is usually made of PET and TPU. This kind of screen protector is thin and light, and the touch screen feels the same as without a film.

    0.26mm and 0.33mm mobile phone films are usually made of tempered glass. This kind of screen protectors has better anti-wear and anti-scratch performance. The thicker the screen protectors, the more resistant to abrasion and scratching, but it also increases the thickness of the phone screen.  

    3. Protection Function: High Transparency, Anti-fingerprint, Scratch-Resistant, Etc.

    Most screen protectors have anti-fingerprint,  anti-glare, waterproof, oil-proof, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, high-definition and high light transmittance. Soft function, thinner and easier to apply, which is suitable for straight-screen and curved-screen phones. 

    Automatically repair the scratch function, can automatically repair the scratches generated under the impact of hard objects, which is more wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. 

    Anti-peeping function, can protect personal privacy, and the screen can be clearly seen at 90° on the front, and at a viewing angle of less than 30°, you cannot see anything on the screen.

    5 Things to Consider Before Buying Screen Protectors

    1. What Material is Required for Screen Protectors?

    The tempered glass screen protector is to meet the high-definition and ultra-hard needs; if you want a better anti-fingerprint effect, a frosted screen protector be suit; if you like soft feelings, you can buy a screen protector made of TPU.

    2. What Thickness of Screen Protectors is Required?

    You can buy TPU screen protectors if you like ultra-thin feel; and if you prefer a thicker feel, tempered glass screen protectors would be a better choice.

    3. What Features of Screen Protectors Do You need?

    If you don't want others to see the contents of your phone screen, the privacy screen protector is recommended; if you need to protect your phone screen and camera, a kit with a lens film is suit for you; for curved screens, you can purchase TPU-made screen protectors to meet your needs for full-screen coverage.

    4. What mounting accessories are needed?

    If you do not have the experience of pasting screen protectors, and you are afraid of it being crooked or bad, then you need a mounting frame to fix the pasting position. If you have high requirements for mobile phone dust removal, you can buy a screen protectors containing a free alcohol cotton and cleaning cloth.

    5. Do you need full screen coverage?

    Some screen protectors only cover the surface part of the mobile phone screen, leaving a 1-2mm margin around the periphery. If you need full screen coverage, you can buy a large size or black edge.

    3 Best Screen Protectors in 2020

    Nowadays, it is fashionable to put screen protectors on mobile phone screens, and various kinds of screen protectors are emerging. Besides, the mobile phone through the screen protector can be renewed and bright. So, what is the best among so many screen protectors? Below, we have organized the 3 best screen protectors for you. 

    Full Coverage Glass Screen Protector for Xiaomi Mi 9T / Mi 9T Pro 2pcsNILLKIN Frosted Screen Protector for Xiaomi Mi 8 Youth / 8 LiteAnti-drop High-transparent Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone
    FeaturesHigh transparency, anti-fingerprint, oil-proof, waterproof, scratch-resistant and wear-resistantUltra-thin, anti-glare, anti-fingerprint, oil-proof, waterproof, scratch-resistant and wear-resistantAnti-glare, high transparency, anti-fingerprint, oil-proof, waterproof, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant
    Included accessories2 x Alcohol Swab, 2 x Cleaning Cloth1 x Alcohol Swab, 1 x Cleaning Cloth1 x Alcohol Swab, 1 x Cleaning Cloth
    Why buy this9H HD tempered glass, 3 times hardness of ordinary PET film. Two-piece packaging, more affordableImported matte film material, comfortable feel, anti-fingerprint and anti-reflective9H HD tempered glass, 3 times hardness of ordinary PET film. The anti-peep function protect your privacy

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