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HDMI Turn AV Audio and Video Conversion
HDMI Turn AV Audio and Video Conversion
HDMI Turn AV Audio and Video Conversion
HDMI Turn AV Audio and Video Conversion

HDMI Turn AV Audio and Video Conversion - White



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Product description
This HDMI to CVBS / AV signal converter converts HDMI digital signals into AV ( CVBS ) composite video signals and FL/FR stereo audio signals, allowing customers to convert high-definition HDMI video signals into ordinary TVs, VHS Green player, DVD recorder, etc. can receive CVBS signals ( standard resolution 480i, 576i ) support NTSC / PAL two different standards
Product Features
1. Convert HDMI high-definition signal to DOWN video processing to convert 576I, 480I ( PAL / NTSC ) video signal output;
2. Automatically recognize HDCP and forcibly release the KEY ( HDCP ) carried by the front-end HDMI;
3. Convert HDMI digital audio to AUDIO analog stereo through DAC digital-to-analog chip processing;
4. Using advanced video processing technology to enhance the brightness, contrast and color of the image;
5. The converted CVBS effect is full of brightness ( unlike the CVBS signal of the previous generation HDMI to CVBS )
Product introduction technical characteristics
1. No power supply, MINI size ( small )
Using a new generation of low-power digital chip processing, 24 small uninterrupted work, low heat, stable work
2. Adopt 3D compensation technology; effectively eliminate and tailing of fast moving pictures
3. Adopt Scaler video processing technology: convert HD HDMI signal into CVBS output through Scaler Down
4. Adopt DAC technology; input HDMI digital audio signal, convert to analog audio through DAC digital-analog chip
Product specifications
1. Hardware conversion, plug and play, no software driver required
2. Compatible with HDMI 1.3
3. Support NTSC and PAL output
4. A set of HDMI inputs; one channel of AV output, left and right stereo output;
A. Input terminal: HDMI x 1 input;
B. Video output terminal: VIDEO x 1 output
C. Analog audio output terminal L / R x 1 output
5. HDMI input format: 480P, 576P, 720P, 1080I, 1080P at 60Hz
 AV video output format: 480I, 576I ( optional )
 Audio output: left and right channel ( L / R )


Dimensions and Weight

Product weight: 0.0550 kg
Package weight: 0.0730 kg

Package Contents

Package Contents: 1 x Conversion, 1 x Power Supply line, 1 x English Manual

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HDMI Turn AV Audio and Video Conversion


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