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HDMI To HDMI+AV CVBS RCA 1080P Converter European Regulations
HDMI To HDMI+AV CVBS RCA 1080P Converter European Regulations

HDMI To HDMI+AV CVBS RCA 1080P Converter European Regulations - Black



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DMI one-two splitter with AV output, HDMI output
1. Product Features This is an HDMI to CVBS signal converter. It can also bypass the output HDMI. It can convert HDMI digital signals into AV (CVBS) composite video signals and FL/FR stereo audio signals, allowing customers to achieve high quality. The HDMI video signal conversion becomes an ordinary TV, VHS green player, DVD recorder and so on can receive CVBS signal (standard resolution 480i, 576i,) supports NTSC/PAL two different modes, bypass HDMI output can also It is convenient to connect HDTV, does not occupy the HDMI output terminal of the original machine! Divide the original HDMI into two, and connect two TVs with different input interfaces.
Product features: 1. Convert HDMI high-definition signal to SCYE DOWN video processing to convert 576I, 480I (PAL/NTSC) video signal output;
2. HDMI HD signal lossless bypass output (Bypass);
3. Automatically recognize HDCP and forcibly release the KEY (HDCP) carried by the front-end HDMI;
4. Convert HDMI digital audio to AUDIO analog stereo through DAC digital-analog chip processing;
5. Using advanced video processing technology to enhance the brightness, contrast and color of the image;
6. The converted CVBS effect is full of brightness (unlike the CVBS signal of the previous generation HDMI to CVBS)
7. AV output 4:3, 16:9 switch output, the real restore of the 4:3 picture after conversion, severely flattened on the 16:9 TV

Product introduction features:
1. Using a new generation of low-power digital chip processing, 24 small uninterrupted work, low heat, stability work
2. Using 3D compensation technology to effectively eliminate jitter and smearing of fast moving pictures
3. Adopt DCDI processing technology a. Faroudja developed patented DCDI; can eliminate the sawtooth twill of the ordinary high-definition converter in the video.
b. Use the "bad edit detection" capability to detect the original stream of the movie in various video streams and reconstruct a more accurate video signal, thus forming an image with no dynamics under full vertical resolution.
c. Use its TrueLife Enhancement technology to identify image detail changes such as fine lines, spots or hair. The processing of these details makes the picture look clearer and more vivid.
d. Use Motion Adaptive processing technology. It reduces noise while not producing stains, which restores the original appearance of the image.
e. Dynamic detector technology is used to selectively filter static images and use image storage techniques to store the chrominance that is required to be stored. After using this technique, scenes with interlaced colors: such as tiled roofs, cross-patterned clothes, leaf scenes, etc., no more variegated colors.
4. Adopt Scaler video processing technology: convert HD HDMI signal into CVBS output through Scaler Down
5. Adopt BYPASS video processing technology to use high-definition HDMI signal with BYPASS technology, lossless conversion to HDMI
6. Using DAC technology to input HDMI digital audio signal, convert it to analog audio through DAC digital-analog chip
2, product specifications 1) hardware conversion, plug and play, no software driver required
2) Compatible with HDMI1.3
3) Support NTSC and PAL output
4) A set of HDMI inputs; a set of HDMI outputs; a set of AV outputs; a set of stereo outputs; A. Input terminals: -------------- HDMI x 1 input;
B. Output terminal: --------- bypass HDMI x 1 output
C. Video output terminal: ------------VIDEO x 1 output
D. Analog audio output terminal ---------L/R x 1 output
5) HDMI input format: 480P, 576P, 720P, 1080I, 1080P@60Hz Compatible with DVI mode: 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x720, 1280x1024, 1920x1080/@60hz and other modes HDMI output, synchronous output with AV AV video output: 480I , 576I (optional) Audio output: left and right channel (L/R) Appearance size: 100mm (W) x 105mm (D) x 25mm (H)
3, application platform: 1) KTV DreamWorks, can be used as an extension platform AV signal easy to transfer, simple wiring, HDMI input, HDMI output, HDMI interface does not occupy the original output
2) The important conference system can be used for remote display of the display platform. The HDMI output can be connected to the current display platform, which can cut off the AV output signal source at any time, and avoid non-related information of non-related people.
3) Medical important handwriting platform: It can be used as the monitoring platform HDMI input signal, and the output HDMI signal can be used as the current operating platform to watch, the AV signal is transmitted to the monitoring room, and the monitoring room remotely monitors the operation process.

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HDMI To HDMI+AV CVBS RCA 1080P Converter European Regulations


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