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VETOMiLE 3 Pin 5 Gang ON-OFF Rocker Switch Panel With Digital Voltmeter Dual 5V/2.1A USB Charger Cigarette Lighter Socket

VETOMiLE 3 Pin 5 Gang ON-OFF Rocker Switch Panel With Digital Voltmeter Dual 5V/2.1A USB Charger Cigarette Lighter Socket - Natural Black



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Natural Black



VETOMiLE 3 Pin 5 Gang ON-OFF Rocker Switch Panel IP65Waterproof Marine Ignition Toggle WithDigital Voltmeter Dual 5V/2.1AUSB

Charger Cigarette Lighter Socket For 12V-24VVehicles RV Car Boat Truck Trailer Yacht  


Looking for a perfect switch panel for major system controlling of your vehicles? VETOMiLE professional 3 pin 5 gang rocker switch panel will be a wise choice.

It comes with 5 on-off switch, dual 5V 2.1A USB charger, a cigarette lighter socket and a digital voltmeter, easy to install on 12-24V vehicles.

5V USB chargers charge for electronic products, cigarette lighter socket for car vacuum cleaner, car air compressor, car navigation, etc power

supply, 5 switches for car major system control, and the voltmeter for check the voltage status of battery. What a thoughtful companion for vehicles and vessels!



3 Pin 5 Gang Design: There are 5 on-off switches on the panel, so that you can control the major system of your car or ship at the same time just

by this panel, it makes the back of the cockpit space become more clean with less wires.

Dual USB Charger: Dual 5V 2.1A USB charger makes your car or ship with the convenient charging port for some electronic products like

mobile phones, tablets, MP3, DV, GPS,etc.

Thoughtful Cigarette Lighter Socket: The cigarette lighter socket is use for connecting with vacuum cleaner, car navigation, air compressor,

multifunctional adapter, etc. Supply power for this useful car or ship accessories.

Digital Voltmeter ForSafety:Itcomes with a digital voltmeter, blue LED light display, which can help user real time monitoring the voltage situation

andbattery condition, ensure the equipmentsafety.Withfuse, it will also offer output short circuit, overload, reverse polarity protection.
DIY With Pre-printed Labels:Comes with a labels sheet, you can DIY your switch functions of the 5 on-off switches on the panel. What a

thoughtful gift for customers!
Superior High-quality: The switch panel is make of eco-friendly ABS, PC and PBT material, IP65 waterproof level panel with water resistance

caps and anti-seepage rubber ring, fire-retardant and with excellent resistance to high and low temperature, the working temperature range is -25°C-80°C.
Widespread Use:Universally fit for 12V-24V vehicles,widely applicable for truck, jeep, trailer, RV,caravan, bus, marine boat, yacht, airplane, etc.

1.Don’t mix up the Cigarette Lighter Socket with the 12V charger.
2. The panel comes with pre-wired, wiring instructions,can be easily installed horizontally or vertically.

Name: Multifunctional Rocker Switch Panel (5 on-off switches +dual USB +cigarette lighter socket +voltmeter ) 
Color: Black
Material: ABS, PC, PBT
Input Voltage: DC 12V
Output Voltage: 5V
Output Current: 4.2A
Maximum Power: 480W
LED Color: Blue
Working Temperature: -25°C-80°C
Waterproof Grade: IP65
Voltage Measurement Range: 6V-30V
Switch Buttons Major For: Headlight, Fog lights,Width lamp,car refrigerator,Car vacuum cleaner, etc.
Product Weight: 336g
Product Size: 15cm/5.9inch x 10.5cm/4.1inch x 7.5cm/2.95inch
Package Contents:
1 x Switch Panel
1x Pre-printed Labels
4 x Screws

1x User Manual


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VETOMiLE 3 Pin 5 Gang ON-OFF Rocker Switch Panel With Digital Voltmeter Dual 5V/2.1A USB Charger Cigarette Lighter Socket


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