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Buying Guide Cell Phone Cases Buying Guide

Cell Phone Cases Buying Guide

Cell phone cases not only makes your phone a landscape as an adornment, but also protects your phone from drops, scratches, water, and shock. For young people who are looking for freshness, they don’t have enough funds to change their mobile phones frequently, so they can shape their personality by changing the cell phone case.

Topics in this buying guide:
  • What is Cell Phone Cases?
  • Features of Cell Phone Cases.
  • 5 Things to Consider Before Buying Cell Phone Cases.
  • 3 Best Cell Phone Cases for Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro in 2020 

  • What is Cell Phone Case?

    Cell phone cases are accessories that protect and decorate the appearance of mobile phones. It is already one of the indispensable factors in protecting our mobile phones. 

    With cell phone cases, you can prevent your phone from being scratched and worn out by contact with the fingernails for a long time, and you can prevent hard objects from leaving scratches on the phone body and prevent the phone from falling, body damage or even rupture. 

    In addition to protect the body of the mobile phone, they can also be the good decoration. Nowadays there are a variety of exquisite patterns on cell phone cases. Choose the pattern you like to make your phone more attractive, beautiful and stylish!

    Features of Cell Phone Cases

    1. Cell Phone Cases's Materials

    PC case: a comprehensive and excellent hard case, which is resistant to falling, lightweight and with good heat dissipation. At the same time, the case is colorful and can provide a comfortable touch feeling and stylish visual enjoyment. 

    Silicone case: soft texture, slightly slippery, high-temperature resistance, good insulation and comfortable touch feeling. It can absorb the impact of bumps on the phone, thereby reducing the damage to the phone. Its biggest selling point is good waterproof performance, although there are many advantages, the price is low, which is a cost-effective choice. The poor air permeability and the slight stickiness are the disadvantages. After a period of use, it will collect and adsorb a large amount of dust on the mobile phone. 

    TPU case: a kind of soft rubber products like silica gel. Generally speaking, the hardness of TPU is harder than that of silica gel, the elasticity of the TPU is slightly weaker. Viewed from the outside, TPU can be made very transparent, but silicone can not. The pattern on the TPU can be changed into more types than silicone. Because of this transparent feeling of TPU, it is more popular with users. 

    Metal plating case: is coated with a metal coating on the original metal, plastic or silicone case, thereby changing the texture and appearance of the phone case. A beautiful sheen by spray paint. After the mobile phone case is electroplated with metal, its degree of wear resistance has been improved, and it is durable and safe. Compared with the pure metal phone case, it is lighter in weight.

    Leather case: more suitable for business people. The advantages of portable leather are chic, elegant, good heat dissipation, and no abrasions to the mobile phone, but not waterproof, and too large to carry. The real leather is durable, long lifetime, and costs more than a normal leather one. 

     2. Cell Phone Cases's Degree of Protection

    Back case: protects the back and frame and is made of a variety of materials, which is convenient to carry. Various patterns can be designed on the back. The mainstream mobile phone case on the market is the back case, which has more options. 

    Side case: the bezel on the side can only protect the side. In appearance, it is the same as the mobile phone without a case. It has a bare-metal feel.

    Fully-protected case: mainly made of leather material and glass material, which can be shockproof and drop-proof in all aspects, and comes with a bracket function, which is suitable for businessman and middle-aged people. However, the thickness of the mobile phone is increased, which is inconvenient to carry, and the flip operation is required when using the mobile phone that caused inconvenient use. 

    3. Cell Phone Cases's Incidental Functions

    With stand: dual functions of protection and support, can support the mobile phone anytime and anywhere, which is convenient for movie watching, video calls and hands-free navigation.

    With card slot: mainly a flip-type mobile phone case, which can be loaded with ID, bank, and business cards, more suitable for business scenarios.

    With sling: it can be hung directly on the neck when there are no pockets or backpacks when going out, it is convenient to travel.

    5 Things to Consider Before Buying Cell Phone Cases

    1. What is the applicable mobile phone model?

    Some brands have similar mobile phone models. At this time, you can buy a universal mobile phone case. If the correct model is not selected, the phone case will not be applicable.

    2. What kind of feel and thickness of the cell phone case do you need? 

    If you are looking for a bare-metal feel, you can buy an ultra-thin mobile phone case, which can be protected by the back cover, mainly for TPU and PC materials. If you prefer a thicker phone case, you can buy a flip-type leather or glass protective case. 

    3. What degree of protection is required for the cell phone case? 

    If you need to protect the back of the phone, choose the back phone case; if you only need to protect the side of the phone, the bezel type case would be a good choice; if your needs is to fully protect the phone, then we suggest you choose the flip leather case or double-side glass phone case.

    4. What special functions are needed?

    At present, most mobile phone cases on the market are ordinary protective features. If you often watch or record videos, you can buy a mobile phone case with a stand so that you do not need to find another stand to support; if you often use ID or business cards, it is recommended to buy phone case with card slot; if you want to hang your phone around your neck or elsewhere, you can buy a phone case with a sling. 

    5. How to choose a cell phone case according to the users?

    For young people who pursue a fashionable and novel look, can choose a mobile phone case with a personalized pattern; for business workers, a simple and elegant mobile phone case without a pattern would be the good choice, such as PC material, TPU material and flip-type leather case; People with a sense of technology can choose the double-sided glass phone case. 

    3 Best Cell Phone Cases for Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro 2020 

    Mobile phones are becoming an indispensable part of people’s lives, but they are very fragile. The cell phone cases can not only protect the phone but also improve the grade of the phone, so it is important to choose a good phone case. What type of the phone case is good? Here we have organized 3 best cell phone cases for you. (Take Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro cell phone case as an example.)

    Naxtop TPU Silicone CaseNaxtop Hard PC Back CaseTransparent Ring Holder Case
    MaterialTPUPCABS + Aluminium Alloy
    Degree of protectionProtecting the back and sidesProtecting the back and sidesProtecting the back and sides
    Thickness (affects the feel)0.90 cm0.85 cm1.20 cm
    FeaturesDust-proof, drop-proof, waterproof, shock-proof, transparentDust-proof, drop-proof, waterproof, shock-proof, lightweightDust-proof, drop-proof, waterproof, shock-proof, with stand
    Applicable personStudents, those who seek bare-metal senseBusiness people, those who seek bare-metal senseVideo enthusiasts, regular drivers
    Why buy thisThin and light, comfortable feel, good heat dissipation, transparent design, bare metal feelSimple and elegant style, comfortable feel, close to the body, bare-metal feelMulti-material design, with both texture and comfortable feel, comes with holder for easy video and navigation

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