Stylish Smart Watch No.1 DT88. Review.
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Stylish Smart Watch No.1 DT88. Review.

Smart watch with a design Galaxy Watch Active.

This watch is very similar in design to the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. What they represent and what they offer for their price, we will understand in the review.

In the box

The watch is delivered in a dense cardboard box, the package includes - a watch, a metal strap, a silicone strap, a magnetic charging cable and user instructions.


DT88 equipped with NORDIC nrf52832 processor
Sensor: MC3413-P
Screen: full touch sensor, 1.22 inches 240 * 240 pixels IPS
Battery: 150mAh
Total length: 24.5cm
Bluetooth: 4.2
Case Material: Metal
Band Material: Silicone, Milan loop, 20mm wide
Water protection level: ip68
Watch weight: with silicone strap 40g, with steel strap 65g
Operating time: 3 days when using all functions, up to 7 days in standby time


Appearance is one of the winning aspects of this watch model, it is compact and will look good on both a female and a male hand in combination with a shirt and a suit. There are 4 colors - black, gold, silver and dark blue. Every watch comes with 2 types of straps - Milanese loop and silicone, the corresponding color.

The dimensions of the case are the same as the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active (hereinafter GWA). The thickness of the watch is 11.5 mm. The length of the strap is 24.5 cm, the straps are easy to remove and install, any straps with a width of 20 mm are suitable.

The watch case is metal, the bottom cover is plastic, fixed on 4 screws. Below is a heart rate sensor and a magnetic charging port, a feature of which is that it cannot be connected incorrectly, it simply does not magnetize, which is not the case with all watches.

You cannot use the watch for charging, you can’t even watch the time, the charging animation is displayed. The top of the screen is covered with glass with a good oleophobic coating, which is not often seen in inexpensive watches. The screen itself is a square IPS type with good viewing angles.

The control button is only one and is located in the right center in the usual place. There are no other openings and buttons on the case, protection against water according to the IP68 standard.

The watch does not make any sounds, only vibration of medium strength. There is no microphone in them either. Management is carried out by the button and swipe, in principle, only swipe can be used.

The button has the following functions - turning the clock on and off, back and screen activation. In order not to use the button, activate the screen by raising your hand, then swipe to the right - notifications, swipe to the left to measure the heart rate. Swipe in the opposite direction returns to the main screen.

Swipe opens the shutter from above, the battery level is displayed, the state of communication with the smartphone, the status of the “do not disturb” mode and the screen brightness indicator, you can tap on it and change the brightness - 3 levels are available.

There are several dial options to choose from, one of which is very similar to the GWA dial.

Menu and Functions

The main menu looks like a 2x2 icon set. Navigation is done by swipes up and down, and left / right access to the main screen (clock). The font is small enough, but the icons solve this problem.


The pedometer displays the number of steps taken for the current day and the schedule for the week, if you swipe to the left you can see the distance (calculated based on the number of steps and their length, there are no GPS in these hours) and the number of calories burned (this parameter is also calculated).

This watch has 10 sports modes - walking, running, cycling, climbing, swimming, football, table tennis, volleyball, badminton. There is also a general summary of activities for the day:

In the process of playing sports, the pulse is measured, calories and distance are calculated. All data is transferred to the application on the smartphone and it can be used to judge your activity.

Pulse and pressure measurement

This mode is available by swiping to the left from the main screen or through the main menu, the heart rate monitor design is stylized under GWA, however, the lines stylized as a heart are static, unlike the original.

In addition to measuring the heart rate, a measurement of the pressure and level of oxygen in the blood is available, but these are most likely just calculated parameters, according to the laid down algorithms + data from the sensor.

Other functions and settings

You can set several alarms on your watch, but you can only set them from the application on your phone.

Also, the watch has the ability to control the player on the phone, for this function, you must have a pairing of the watch with the phone. Available to play / pause, rewind, in different programs this function can work in different ways.

There is a camera control function in the phone that works through the FunDo application.

In the settings you can see the firmware version, bind the AliPay payment service, make a reset to the factory settings and turn off the clock.

FunDo app

This application is required for initial setup, it is available on iOS and Android platforms. You can download it from the application store or via the link from the QR code in the instructions. There is also a proprietary application DT No.1, there is no fundamental difference in them, you can choose to your taste. To successfully pair with the clock, you need to turn on GPS, Bluetooth, Internet on your smartphone, then pair from the application itself, and not from the phone’s Bluetooth settings menu.

After pairing, the clock will set the date, time and language of the smartphone.

The application’s functionality is fairly standard, and it is used in many watches of this manufacturer as well as others on this chip. I will give several screens of the application:

On the main screen, the current activity is visible in steps, you can view the history by day, sleep and training data are also stored in this application.

In the application, you can configure a number of functions - activation when raising hands, a reminder of activity, a reminder of water intake, alarms (several, including a weekly schedule), heart rate, choose which notifications you want to receive, etc.


If you do not need payments, a voice recorder and a standalone player, then the DT88 is a justifiable choice - the design is modern, the basic functions inherent in smart watches are available, interchangeable straps are available, the price is low, the battery life is good, it allows you to charge them 1-2 times a week. Do not treat them like a sports gadget or a health monitor, negative reviews are usually associated with high expectations.

You can also look in the direction of the pro-version of these watches with advanced functionality.

NO.1 DT88Pro Professional Sports Smart Watch 1.2 inch Full Round Color Display Screen Smartwatch



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