Zeblaze HYBRID 2 Review: The Super Durable Dual-Modes SmartWatch For Just $28.99 at Gearbest(157Pcs Only)
Eshan Hebert

Zeblaze HYBRID 2 Review: The Super Durable Dual-Modes SmartWatch For Just $28.99 at Gearbest(157Pcs Only)

Zeblaze continues to surprise us with its creations, and this brand new smartwatch justifies the above. Called Zeblaze HYBRID 2 ,it is a fitness tracker built into a durable smartwatch, with a striking ‘hybrid’ look like all of the company has long been. It also has a mechanical design, but square dial…


The new watch received an interesting retro design. Zeblaze HYBRID 2 is noticeably different from other smartwatches not only from Zeblaze but also from other brands. Unlike the round dial of Zeblaze HYBRID, the new Zeblaze HYBRID 2 watch has a square dial, which is slightly larger. The body is made of polyamide and carbon with a zinc frame around the dial. The case is also covered by DLC, which protects the screen from scratches and other damage. The strap is removable and can be replaced if necessary, but unfortunately, the choice is not too large. 

The belt is 205 mm long and 26 mm wide. On the left side is a .96 inch IPS display. This is a color screen with a resolution of 80 x 160 pixels. Displays the battery level, date and day of the week. This display is also used for intelligent functions. 

The dimensions of the watch are 44.5 x 45.5 x 15.8 mm and weight – 71 grams. In fact, Zeblaze HYBRID 2 is not light and compact. However, looking at the official photos, this is a unisex smartwatch, suitable for both men and women. If you like smartwatches with a retro design, we are sure you will like Zeblaze HYBRID 2.


ID 2 has a Nordic 52832 processor. Bluetooth 4.0 is used to synchronize the hybrid clock with the smartphone. A complimentary application on smartphones is called H Band. The app is multilingual, so you should have no problems installing and connecting the clock. The new smartwatch is protected from dust and water according to the 5ATM standard. Zeblaze HYBRID 2 is not afraid of water drops, sweat, rain or short-term immersion in water. You can wash your hands or take a shower without removing the watch from your hand. Zeblaze HYBRID 2 is equipped with a 100 mAh battery. If you use smart features, a single 5-day battery life charge is sufficient. If you use Zeblaze HYBRID 2 as a mechanical watch, you can forget to charge it. The manufacturer claims that the new watch should be started only 1 time in 3 years. As we have said, on the right side of the watch there is a round button to charge the clock mechanism.

In addition to the standard time, date and day of the week indicators, Zeblaze HYBRID 2 also counts steps, calories, distance, pace, and speed. In addition, it has a task reminder function, a stopwatch, an alarm clock, a telephone search, to refuse a phone call and notifications from social media. There are different sports modes for practicing sports both indoors and outdoors. 

Zeblaze HYBRID 2 tracks heart rate, blood pressure, and body status during sleep. In addition, the new HYBRID 2 watch is equipped with a sensor for monitoring women’s health. It keeps track of the phases of the cycle and its changes. All sensor information can be viewed in the application on the smartphone. You can also monitor your sports results and set goals for the future in a mobile app.


The Zeblaze HYBRID 2 features a variety of sensors such as heart rate monitor, blood pressure, step counter, sleep counter, many presets for exercise, and it connects to all smartphones to deliver alerts to our wrist. We can buy it from Gearbest at $29.99* ( 

Zeblaze HYBRID Dual Modes Mechanical Smart Watch



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