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francesco gamba
View More Opening and closing feel like the original Airpods, maybe a Little bit cheaper but not bad.
Audio volume is quite lower but it Is ok for average use, quality, on the other hand, it feels good but not equals to the Airpods.

The battery is pretty good to me for my needs, 2 hours of music playing without charging in the case.
The case is actually the same as the Airpods.

Connectivity could be better, the matter of facts, the switch between one another Airpods is pretty slow but for 40 bucks is the best you can get.

I recommend buying these headphones if you're looking for something cheap for an average user.

I don't recommend buying the headphones if you're looking for something good for audio calls or something. View Less

i80 TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earphone

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