Xiaomi Mi Band 4 hands-on experience: A Smart Wristband you deserve owning

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 hands-on experience: A Smart Wristband you deserve owning

The Xiaomi Smart Wristband is widely considered to be the most successful product in the Mijia smart ecosystem.

The product’s first generation entered the market at an affordable price allowing it to dominate the market. 

After that, with each successive generation, the Mi Band has become even more popular than the previous one. The latest iteration, the fourth generation, was recently unveiled at the Mijia Ecosystem Conference on June 11, 2019. 

Larger color screens increase the amount of information

The Mi Smart Band 4 shares some attributes and features with the 3rd generation wristband.

However, now sporting a more advanced AMOLED color screen, the front side is now a flat surface however it still utilizes 2.5D scratch-resistant glass. 

Left: MI Band 4, Right: MI Band 3

Unlike the Xiaomi Band 3’s monochrome display, the new Mi Band sports a color screen and a significantly improved interface.    

While the compact screen measuring a larger 0.95 inches (up from the predecessor’s 0.78 inches), the resolution has also been bumped up to 240x120 pixels (from 128 x 80) for a higher pixel density of 280 PPI; pixels are now barely visible for an improved visual experience. 

And thanks to the increased resolution, even more information can be displayed on the screen.

The latest Smart Band should have these features

The Mi Band 4 mainly provides three primary functions: reminder, NFC, and sports health. To utilize these functions, we need to pair the device to the Xiaomi sports app first.

Reminders can be divided into basic calls, text messages, event reminders, and notification reminders frequently used by third-party apps. Using these functions, users can first filter out notifications when they arrive, choosing whether to reply.

With the Xiaomi Mi Band 4’s new NFC capability, tasks such as using public transport cards and digital payment can now be replaced by this upgraded wristband. In addition, the Mi Band 4 can also be used in conjunction with the Mijia smart door lock to open the door. The NFC functionality adds a new level of convenience to the Mi Band. 

Sports health have always been the primary function of smart band products. Here, the basic pedometer (step counter) and calorie consumption monitor are both intact. 

Advanced sports monitoring also supports six sports modes: swimming, outdoor running, indoor running, walking, exercising and riding. 

While the waterproof resistance of 5ATM (50m) makes a welcome return, the original 3-axis sensor has now been upgraded to 6-axis sensor, allowing it to accurately track swimming activities including different strokes while in the pool. 

The Mi Band 4 offers the standard heart rate and sleep monitor functions, recognizing the time of light sleep and deep sleep cycles with a detailed chart display record in the Xiaomi sports app.

When wearing the Mi Band 4, I generally didn’t use the 24-hour heart rate monitoring function to conserve battery. However, the smart watch is incredibly versatile and can be adapted to the needs of different users.

To power the larger display, now in color for the first time, the Mi Band 4 comes with the largest ever battery capacity at 125mAh – up from 110mAh. 

With the fourth generation, the charging port has finally moved to the back of the device, however this means the Mi Band must be taken off, reducing the convenience.

Xiao AI voice assistant on the wrist

Previously, aside from using it to check the time, the most commonly used functions of Mi Bands included viewing notifications and health tracking.

So how does the new Mi Band 4 distinguish itself from other smart bracelet products? The answer is Xiao Ai, a powerful voice assistant.
With it, Mi Band 4 users will be able to control IoT equipment, as well as other compatible smart devices, using voice commands.

In conclusion, the new Mi Band 4 is a worthy addition to the immensely popular series. 

Key highlights include a new feature set offering added functionality, a larger display (now in color), the Xiao Ai smart assistant, and a more efficient and larger battery. 

Available at an incredibly affordable price point, the Mi Band 4 is a worthwhile purchase for anyone looking for a versatile smart wristband.


Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet NFC Version



Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet



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