Xiaomi FIIL T1 XS Review
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Xiaomi FIIL T1 XS Review

Updated wireless earbuds 2020

FIIL has introduced a new model of wireless earbuds called FIIL T1 XS. How the new TWS earbuds will perform, let’s find out in a detailed review.
In appearance, the new wireless earbuds received an identical appearance, but the charging box has some changes. But from a technical point of view, fast charging appeared, the functionality of touch controls increased and even a game mode appeared.

Therefore, let’s find out how much the new earbuds differ from their predecessor. 

Xiaomi FIIL T1 XS: Specifications

Impedance: 16 ohms
Driver unit: 6.1 Dynamic driver
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency response: 20-20000Hz
Bluetooth protocol: aptX, AAC, SBC
Battery: 50(400)mAh
Charging Time: 90min
Connections: Type-C
Weight: 5.3(29)grams
Music Time: 6h

In the box

Inside the box, you can find a charging box in which the earbuds themselves were. At the bottom of the box, there were the following components: instructions for use, Type-C cable, set of ear tips, and ear wing.

Design and construction

I want to say right away that my FIIL T1 XS model is made in white, but there is also black color. 

The earbuds themselves are made of glossy plastic. Yes, for me this is a small minus, but in white, scuffs and scratches are not as visible as on black. The build quality is pretty high though. All elements are assembled perfectly precisely and I have no complaints about the assembly.

In terms of comfort, the earbuds are exactly the same as the previous version in appearance. It was also easy to guess that the earbuds are made according to the plug form factor. Therefore, it will be impossible to use them for a long time. But I did not notice any problems with passive noise isolation, the surrounding sounds are almost inaudible.

The weight of one earbud was about 5.3 grams and at first, it was not entirely comfortable for me to wear them. For example, the earbuds were sticking out a little from my ear canal. But after 1-2 hours of use, my ears adapted and I did not notice any discomfort. I also liked the special ear wing that prevents the earbuds from accidentally falling out of the ear canal.

The front of the earbuds has a company logo and touch controls. I note that the control functionality has become larger, but I will talk about it a little later. In addition, the FIIL T1 XS TWS earbuds have already received two microphones on each channel.

There is an LED indicator on the top end, and contacts for charging are located on the inside. Therefore, as you can see, from the outside, the earbuds look completely identical to their predecessor’s FIIL T1X.

I can also note the presence of protection against water under the IPX5 standard. That is, the earbuds will not be afraid of splashes and sweat, but you should not completely wet them in water.

The main design changes were made in the charging box. Now it has become almost half the size. This applies to dimensions, but also to weight. Now the charging box weighs about 29 grams, while it was 42 grams.

The build quality of the box itself is not bad. The lid is magnetic and has almost no backlash, which is very good. There is a company logo on the top of the lid. There is one LED indicator on the front, and on the back, there is a Type-C charging connection.

Connection and control

Like the previous version, the new FIIL T1 XS received a completely identical Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection. During my testing, the signal quality was high and I did not see any interruptions.

But the main change was the mobile application, which is called FIIL. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. In the application menu, you can adjust the various equalizer modes. Also in the application menu, I found three delay modes – gaming, music, and video.

When playing games I used game mode and the latency was very minimal and sometimes difficult to notice.

In addition, the T1 XS model has received a transparency mode and in practice, it works very well. In general, the transparency mode is necessary for urban use so that you can hear the surrounding sounds. But when using it, the sound quality of music drops very much.

The touch controls remain as rich as the T1X model. Here you can control the volume control, switch tracks, modes, play, and pause, call the voice assistant. That is all the functions that are only possible for smart TWS earbuds.

Sound and microphone quality

The sound on the new FIIL T1 XS earbuds has become an order of magnitude better. Here they focused on low frequencies, that is, they sound good and massive bass. But at the same time, this bass does not jump to mid and even high frequencies.

At the same time, the mids play quite balanced and have a clear sound, both as a vocalist and a musical instrument.

The high frequencies are well-tuned and even at the maximum sound level, this range does not have strong blockages and annoying squeaks.

In general, I really liked the sound quality, the sound turned out to be well balanced and played with a large margin of volume.

At the same time, I cannot say bad things about the quality of the microphone. In a quiet place, the microphone works no worse than any smartphone. And in noisy places, the microphone works adequately and the interlocutor will hear you normally.


The new FIIL T1 XS earbuds received almost identical battery life as the first generation of wireless earbuds. At maximum volume, the earbuds worked for 4 hours and 20 minutes. But at 50% volume level about 6 hours.

This is a good indicator of wireless earbuds in this segment.

But the main improvement was the charging time. That is, the earbuds received fast charging and in 5 minutes in the box, they can play for about 1 hour at 50% volume level. A full charge will take you 1.5 hours of your time.


FIIL T1 XS is a new smart earbud model that has received pretty good updates. The main differences are improved microphone quality, minimal lag when playing or watching videos, and fast charging.

I can also note that the charging box has become much smaller, but the earbuds have remained unchanged. But I note that the price tag for both models has remained the same and this is good news.

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