The Best Performance Rugged Phone Under $100 with 8000mAh Large Battery and Helio A22 MT6761
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The Best Performance Rugged Phone Under $100 with 8000mAh Large Battery and Helio A22 MT6761

OUKITEL is a smartphone manufacturer, one of the companies coming slowly but strongly, it is one of the companies that maintain its path in the production of interesting devices unconventional, has an arsenal of distinctive devices and is also taking into account to offer a phone with many features and at the same time at a price that suits everyone. 

We can't forget the smart devices that produced with a small back-screen e-ink such as K10000 which has a 10,000mAh battery, and these days it's rare to find smartphones with more than 2,500mAh or 3,000mAh batteries. 

The biggest battery efficiency in a smartphone is the Gionee Marathon M5, which has high efficiency of 6,020mAh and thus remains less than the battery in the K10000.In addition, the company has provided several rugged phones, each of which has unique features such as C5 Pro - MIX 2 - U20 Plus – WP2

While many technology companies that enter a strong competitor in the field of smartphones seek to extend the battery life of the smartphone, OUKITEL is improving the quality of the battery in its phones which makes it enter the competition. Where the Chinese company OUKITEL, a strong competitor in the field of prolonging the battery life for two weeks to be the world's leading companies with the longest battery life, through its phone, which has a k10000 internal storage memory up to 16 GB other than external memory that requires the type of "macro" SD. 

In light of the fierce competition between companies to provide the best technology lovers need each company to offer one of its versions in the field of smartphones to outperform the issuance of other companies, whether this version over water without damage when falling into the water or competition through the development of phone capabilities. OUKITEL introduced us to the OUKITEL WP5, which has many features to remember. We keep in mind that you may not need to wander through the phone shops to swell feet to choose your new phone, so we will take your hand and guide you through the detailed presentation of the phone.

The company announced its new phone OUKITEL WP5, which has several features we will show you:

1.OUKITEL WP5 specs

● The screen comes with a 5.5-inch display that provides you with a vivid and different visual experience and enables you to carry the phone easily.

2.OUKITEL WP5 features

● Battery: has a large capacity of 8000 mAh which enables you to continue playing and browsing for longer periods.

● Camera: it contains 4 cameras, three rear cameras in sizes 13.0 megapixel + 5.0 megapixel + 2.0 megapixel and a single front camera size 5.0 megapixel, which enables you to enjoy images accurately 720 × 1440, which means excellent images in very high resolution. The phone can make you a professional photographer because it gives you very beautiful and high-quality selfies, whether in sunlight or in the dark.

● Processor: comes with most of the features we expect from a phablet, including 32GB of RAM and 32GB of RAM. The device is powered by Android 9.0 MT6761 to deliver seamless performance in everyday tasks.

3. Additional features

● The phone comes with a SIM card slot which is dual SIM and dual standby and the type of SIM card is dual nano. The external memory comes with a 128GB TF card.

● The phone comes in many languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Italian, German, French, Russian, Arabic, Malay, Thai, Greek, Ukrainian, Croatian, Czech, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.

● It includes a fingerprint sensor, light sensor, ground magnetic sensor and proximity sensor.

● The phone also comes with the property of water resistance, dust, and shock and thus suitable for different people and ages with its quality assurance.

● The phone supports the following networks: (FDD-LTE) (GSM) (WCDMA).

4.OUKITEL WP5 price

it's only $ 99.99. Suitable for all needs.

Everyone has specific priorities in choosing their phone, there are those who want a phone with a beautiful front camera to take the best pictures with friends and document their fun moments, and some prefer a phone with a powerful rear camera to shoot trips and places of visits. 

There are those who need the smooth performance of the operating system to complete the work, and another prefers a large high-definition screen to watch media and enjoy reading and games, while there is to have a strong battery withstand for as long as possible for its permanent presence abroad. Have you noticed that the OUKITEL WP5 gives you all these features?

OUKITEL WP5 4G Phablet 5.5 inch Android 9.0 MT6761 Quad Core 3GB RAM 32GB ROM 3 Rear Camera 8000mAh Battery Global Version



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