The Latest Xiaomi Car Rearview Mirror Dash Cam Which Supports SIM Card and GPS
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The Latest Xiaomi Car Rearview Mirror Dash Cam Which Supports SIM Card and GPS

The Asian manufacturer does not stop presenting all kinds of gadgets to make our lives easier. Let's have a look at the new Xiaomi rearview mirror with an integrated camera.

In comparison with Xiaomi Dash Cam Xiaomi Mini3Pro, this new model is a more complete version. And it is a smart mirror with a camera integrated into the rear, which allows us to record all the details of driving.

In addition, and as could not be otherwise, the new mirror with camera Xiaomi also bets on a camera that is installed in the rear of the vehicle, not to lose any of the features of a traditional mirror. And watch out, the features of this gadget from the company are really interesting.

Full HD recording, collision control, GPS and more details of the Xiaomi camera rear-view mirror.

For starters, Xiaomi's new camera rear-view mirror relies on an 8.88-inch touch panel that features IPS technology to deliver great image quality. In addition to this, there is the microphone that integrates the rear-view mirror with a camera that Xiaomi has presented through its shopping platform, Youpin.

And is that, we can activate this intelligent mirror by voice commands, in addition to requesting certain actions, such as start or stop a recording, thanks to the AI that integrates this curious gadget. On the other hand, to say that it has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, to be able to link it with our mobile phone.

The reason is very simple: we can answer or make calls through the microphone and speakers that integrate this mirror with Xiaomi camera. It also has a dedicated application, available for iOS devices and Android terminals, which will allow us to access different options. 

For example, we can see in real-time what is recording the front and rear camera of the mirror, in addition to being able to review all the recordings that have been making this device.

Note that the front camera has a Ful HD resolution, reaching a recording angle of 140 degrees, while the rear has HD resolution and a recording angle of 130 degrees. More than enough to keep all the data on our journey. And if we take into account that the mirror with the camera that Xiaomi has presented has night vision, it is clear that it lacks nothing.

Isn't that enough? Well, it has parking mode, collision control and a mode that allows you to split the screen to run two applications simultaneously. In this way, you can activate the GPS that integrates this intelligent mirror, with the real-time traffic situation, while still seeing everything that happens as if it were a conventional mirror.

It also has a SIM slot, which will offer WiFi to all travelers, as well as squeezing the possibilities of GPS. To move all this system, Xiaomi has opted for a MediaTek MT8665 processor along with 1.5GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage, in addition to coming with a 64 GB microSD card.

The system is based on Android, but using Mai OS, a custom interface for this interesting intelligent mirror that comes to market at a very attractive price: 1299 yuan, about 166 euros a change.

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