GeekBench 5 Unveiled Android 11 That Google Pixel 4 Will Run
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GeekBench 5 Unveiled Android 11 That Google Pixel 4 Will Run

Although quite a large number of users haven't installed the update of Android 10, Google is now testing Android R, which is Android 11. 

According to the media report, Google Pixel 4 running Android 11 operating system was tested by GeekBench 5. This is probably due to the negligence of a Google employee who disclosed the ROM in the testing stage. 

Not much about Android 11 is known, as the media only analyzed from the open-source codes. Generally, Google announces a new AndroidDeveloper Version in April or May, and the corresponding official version will be published in September every year. 

Moreover, Android 11 operating system is expected to include the following new features: 

Removal of the limit of 4GB video recording file size: 
In recent years, the developers have been looking for a way to record videos with over 4GB file size. It's probably come true in Android 11. 
According to the description in AOSP, Google is updating Android media files to eliminate the limit of 32-bit file sizes. 

System-wide dark mode:

Before Android 11, Google has introduced the system-wide dark mode to Android 10. Android 10 Beta also allows customization. The display will automatically turn dark at night and disable the dark mode during the day. 

However, the function isn't available in the official version. This is because it's difficult to access the accurate location and calculate the specific sunrise and sunset times. 

Due to the elimination of the function, many users complained in the Google forum. Thus, the subsequent Android system will incorporate such a function. According to XDA Developers, the dark mode might be available in Android 11, which is worth anticipating. 

Context-aware Bluetooth airplane mode:

The "Context-aware Bluetooth Airplane mode" appeared in AOSP before. It won't disable Bluetooth in the airplane mode when the system is connected to a Bluetooth A2DP device or hearing aid.

Additionally, the smart airplane mode will turn off the radio and WiFi. The developers say the features mentioned above are expected to be applied in Android 11 R.

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