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View More 【A professional drone that doesn't cost a lot of money】Since Dji started producing his Mavic series drones, I expected something similar from Xiaomi. I didn't even expect to wait anymore and decided to buy a Mavic air.
In any case, this drone exceeded my expectations. This is a pro level drone. Stable, powerful, good image quality - everything you need from a good drone. It regularly receives software updates. I'm super satisfied.
I've also bought storage case for it, also replacement propellers, USB cables and even spare rubber pads for legs.
I hope to use it for years and I have no doubt it will work for so long. In any case, spare parts are also available on the internet in case something breaks. View Less

FIMI X8 SE FPV 4K 3-Axis Gimbal WiFi RC Camera Drone Quadcopter

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