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View More Delivery to the Kurgan region for 23 days. The track was tracked all the way. Surprisingly, even the box is not wrinkled, although the package was “walked” across Russia, thanks to the RUSSIAN MAIL, it is additionally packed in a bag with pimples. Headphones look stylish. Made with high quality. For its price - a great option. Everything works, except for the radio, a convenient arrangement of control buttons.

The sound quality of the music is good, the bass is present and not bad, with a telephone conversation, audibility from both sides is also good. A female voice notifies when you turn on Bluetooth and with an incoming call - pronounces the phone number from which they are calling (in English). They sit comfortably on their heads, are regulated, do not press and are not weak, in general - just right.

There is a 90° rotation. They connect quickly with the phone, the charge is displayed in%, defined as a headset. There is no Russian in the instruction, English - there is, and even without the instruction, everything is intuitively clear. I am satisfied with the purchase. Thanks. I recommend buying. I write a review right after receiving it, I could not check the headphones for the duration of one charge, and it is not critical for me to work on one charge, but they came with a charge of 70%.

#Alfawise JH - 803 Folding Stereo Bluetooth Headphones with FM Radio / Mic# View Less

Alfawise JH - 803 Folding Stereo Bluetooth Headphones with FM Radio / Mic

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