Amazfit GTR 47mm Lite Will Be Firstly Launched on Gearbest!
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Amazfit GTR 47mm Lite Will Be Firstly Launched on Gearbest!

Shenzhen, China —Dec. 20thHuami (NYSE: HMI) is one of the largest wearables companies on the planet1 and proudly announces the launch of one of its most stylish and fashionable smartwatches: the Amazfit 47mm GTR Lite.

This amazing smartwatch will be available (firstly) on the online shopping platform ‘Gearbest’ from December 23rd, 2019.  

A brief overview of the Amazfit GTR 47mm Lite Edition

The Amazfit GTR 47mm Lite is in the evolution of smartwatches in terms of elegance and craftsmanship and comes fitted with an exercise-friendly black silicon strap which is not only sweat resistant but also represents the height of smartwatch fashion.

This watch also boasts an incredibly long life on just one charge (as long as 24 days2) a feature that we consider to be one of the more important factors in making a ‘next-level’ smartwatch as long battery life has become essential at a time when the amount of electric implements carried by the individual seems to increase all the time. That’s why the Amazfit GTR 47mm Lite delivers the battery life every user needs.

The interface, while maintaining an attractive classic design, has been optimized with a larger display in order to make icons and messages clearer and easier to read.

TheAmazfit GTR 47mm Lite uses the Biotracker™ sensor to monitor important aspects of bodily health. Its important functions include 24-hour heart-rate monitoring and sleep monitoring. The heart monitor allows the user to check the stresses on their heart as they perform their daily activities. They can use the easy-to-understand interface to check the all-important beats-per-minute data and conduct an analysis. The user can also customize this app to inform them with a notification alarm if their heart-rate reaches an unacceptable level. This app records all historical data in order to allow the user to make a more detailed analysis.

With its 6-axis acceleration sensor, the Amazfit GTR 47mm Lite is an ideal companion for sports and exercise as it’s available with 8 different sports modes including several varieties of running, cycling, swimming and other popular sports and exercise routines.  At the conclusion of your activity, the smart-watch will display the relevant collected data including distance covered, pace, heart beats-per-minute, range, laps completed, time per lap and many other functions.


The Amazfit GTR 47mm Lite will be firstly available from December 23rd, 2019 on Gearbest for the excellent price of $149.99 USD.

1 According to the Frost & Sullivan Report, in 2018, Huami has become the world's largest smart wearable device manufacturer by volume.

2 Up to 24 days in a typical usage scenario. The following duration data is measured by the Huami Science and Technology Sports Laboratory. In practical use, the duration of the battery life is related to various factors such as the setting, operation and use environment, which may differ from the laboratory data.

About Amazfit

Amazfit is a registered brand owned by Huami (NYSE:HMI). Huami is a biometric and activity data-driven company with great experience and expertise in smart wearable technology. Huami is also a provider of wearable technology for Xiaomi and is the sole manufacturer of the Mi Band. Since September 2015, Huami has used the brand Amazfit to market smart wearable products (that are not designed and manufactured for Xiaomi) to service the middle to high-end market.
According to the Frost & Sullivan Report, Huami sold 11.6 million units of smart wearable devices in the first nine months of 2017, this is more than any other company on the planet. 18.1 million units of smart wearable devices were sold in the entirety of 2017. A total of 56.5 million devices were sold since Huami’s inception in 2013 (statistic taken on March 31st, 2018)

Huami, Mi Fit and Amazfit mobile apps work in unison with smart wearable devices to provide users with a comprehensive view and analysis of their biometric and activity data. As of December 31st, 2017, Huami’s mobile app had 56 million registered users.

Huami is continuing to transform the way individuals connect with the internet and each other through the development of smart wearable technology and data-driven innovations. Huami’s mission is to make the world more connected. On February 8th, 2018, Huami was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. 

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