Acute Angle AA B4. Mini PC with Unusual Design.
Sergio Montana

Acute Angle AA B4. Mini PC with Unusual Design.

If you want to buy mini PC with a great design.
Today we will talk about a model that stands out in its own way from the mass of other devices. It is clear that the design is "a delicate matter", someone likes one thing, someone else, but it is worth recognizing that this option is exactly original in its own way.

Usually a square box, more or less discreet just by the colors. But the Acute Angle AA B4, a computer that has a triangular shape, and is beautiful enough to be used as a decoration piece in the office.

Specifications Acute Angle AA - B4:

System: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Celeron N3450 1.1 GHz (2.2 GHz in turbo mode)
Graphics: Intel® Intel® HD Graphics 500
Memory: 8GB RAM + 64GB ROM + 128GB SSD M.2
LAN - Gigabit LAN
WiFi - 2.4 / 5 GHz
Bluetooth 4.0
Screen: HDMI
External interfaces: 3x USB 3.0
Audio Output - 3.5mm Jack
Dimensions: 255 x 255 x 40
Mass: 660g (640g really)

The computer is not a novelty in hardware, it has long been known processor (SoC), N3450 on the core of Apollo Lake.

In the box

But the delivery set is rather modest, there is no second, short HDMI cable and VESA mount, like Bilink’s, however, due to the peculiarities of the case, this is actually not necessary.

The kit consists of:
1. Acute Angle AA Computer - B4 mini PC
2. HDMI cable
3. Power supply
4. Instruction
5. Case

The instruction in pictures also mentions a guarantee, even in Russian, but something tells me that it is unlikely that this guarantee will be valid for us.

An HDMI cable is the most common, 1.5m long; a neat rag case is also included. Power supply 12 Volt 2 Amperes with European plug.


As can be seen in the photos, the block is made in the shape of a triangle. The material used is wood, which cannot be called a traditional approach when creating electronic devices. The processor clock speed is 1.5 GHz, in dynamic overclocking mode it rises to 2.2 GHz. You can get a high-quality picture, although the computational power for obvious reasons is not the highest. The amount of RAM is 8 GB, storage standard eMMC 64 GB and solid-state drive with a capacity of 128 GB. The device runs on Windows 10 and offers an HDMI interface, a headphone jack 3.5 mm, RJ-45, USB 3.0.

On the front is the power button, just below the hole of the reset button and at the very bottom is a pair of USB 3.0 connectors.

At the back are all the other connectors, power, Ethernet, HDMI, another USB and analog audio output.

Side and top there are ventilation holes.

A fan is installed inside, but it works extremely quietly, and most of the time it is either turned off or runs at very minimum speed.

Near the connectors there is a border with backlight.

Functionality and software

Such a computer is perfect for surfing the Internet, as well as for working with photos and even for games. 8 GB of memory is a good value for multitasking. The volume of the drive allows you to store photos, videos, music and other user data here. A variety of interfaces makes it possible to connect various peripheral devices.

The integrated graphics processor with 12 execution units give efficient and stable video, graphic signal output, smoother picture, clearer picture quality.

During tests in Horizon Chase Turbo with resolution 720p all graphical effects were correct, and so the game was totally playable, although not yet in its best performance. Something similar happened in Starcraft Remastered, the HD version, which was released not long ago. Classic videogame emulators went very well, and it also ran 4k videos on YouTube. Not bad for mini PC with a small price.

The computer is running Windows 10. The system is completely in English. The system is installed on EMMS, that is, the second drive is a completely free 128 GB SSD.

It should be noted that the built-in eMMC memory works fine, the read / write speed is about 200/100 MB / s. The SSD has a read speed of about 500, write 150 MB / s.

PassMark gives the final score on the basis of measuring the performance of everything, including drives, because a computer with a main SSD, not an eMMC, will give a higher result.

The same habitual gigabit Realtek chip and all the same dual-band WiFi from Intel are responsible for the network.

With speed, everything is relatively good, at 2.4 GHz, about 50 Mbit within a large room, and almost independent of distance and barriers, at 5 GHz, about 150 Mbit in comparable conditions. It’s better to use a wired connection, especially when the device has a gigabit port. In this mode, the data transfer rate easily reaches 700 Mbps.


Compared to other mini-computers, this one stands out for its unusual shape. Thanks to the choice of shapes and materials, you can count on good cooling of the case.

design is beautiful, it really looks nice on the table, and it’s complete in terms of specs. Performance really doesn’t seem to deliver the maximum, but it’s enough for the kind of use given to that category of product, which is basic. It usually costs something near the 129 USD range, so the value is appropriate. In my opinion, it’s a computer to take into consideration for those who want something different of standard Windows mini PCs.

- Beautiful and silent
- Good selection of ports
- Not too expensive

- Performance is really for basic use only

Acute Angle AA - B4 Mini PC



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