Bad Breath: Those Products will End This Problem
Abdelhak khai

Bad Breath: Those Products will End This Problem

I will talk to you frankly, no one will love you if the smell of your mouth is foul, you will be rejected by everyone, but, if you are not rejected by someone, you must know that he did not want to hurt your feelings, so he may accept you even though the smell of your mouth is disturbing. 

Getting rid of bad smell, not easy, in TV ads it seems that bad breath is disappearing quickly using a magical product, but this remains just a stupid advertisement, targeting your pocket.

Here I do not want to be pessimistic, but I tell the truth as it is, To be more frank with you, if you are a lazy person, that cannot commit to clean its mouth regularly in every day, so there is no point in reading the rest of this article.

Here I am instructing how to clean your mouth effectively, using some simple products from Gearbest that you will recognize now, when you use them, you will inevitably get rid of bad breath, and this will not happen from the first day, but you should use it for a reasonable period in order to end the problem of bad breath.

Above all, an important point to get rid of bad breath is to remove the yellow layer stuck to your teeth. This layer is the first source of bad smell, so it is necessary to remove it. This layer is removed by shedding a medium vibration to destabilize that layer, which removes it from the tooth. 

Electric Ultrasonic Scaler Removes High Frequency Vibration and Whitens Teeth



This device, among the solutions that you can use, they can produce high-frequency vibration, which help on removing the yellow layer.

Now that I know how to get rid of the first source of bad smell, now we will move on to another step, which is teeth whitening. With many colored drinks, the teeth lose their white color, and they become yellow. Now to return it to its natural color, you need to use charcoal powder, as it is excellent and gives a clear result from the first use. Fortunately, this powder is on Gearbest, I suggest you buy some cans, to use it. 

Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder



The second thing that you need is to stop brushing your teeth with a traditional toothbrush, these days, there is an electronic toothbrush, designed to clean your teeth effectively, as well as to keep teeth and gums from damage, it cleans in a correct medical way. I suggest to you a toothbrush from Xiaomi, there are more than 700 people who bought this brush from Gearbest, and they are happy with it, and this is clear through the high evaluation that this brush got.

Oclean SE Electrical Toothbrush from Xiaomi youpin



The last step to make your mouth clean is to use blue light, this light is effective in making teeth white, and this technique is used in dental clinics at high prices and using devices worth thousands of dollars. There is a small device that offers you this service, it is able to produce blue light, and it is excellent for whitening your teeth

BRELONG YC - 31 Cleansing Oral Teeth Whitening Instrument



applying all these suggestions will help you end the problem of bad mouth smell, you should just try these products I mentioned then you will see the good result

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