Xiaomi VIOMI V2 Pro In-depth Reviews: The Best Cost-effective Robot Vacuum Cleaner at $369.99
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Xiaomi VIOMI V2 Pro In-depth Reviews: The Best Cost-effective Robot Vacuum Cleaner at $369.99

Xiaomi VIOMI V2 Pro Coupon: E47ED65EABA27000 Expiry date: 00:00 May 31, 2020

What makes Xiaomi VIOMI V2 Pro different? What kind of novel experience can it bring to daily household life?


VIOMI V2 Pro mainly includes the host, water tank, dust box assembly, charging stand, wiper assembly and side brush. The overall diameter is 350mm, and the height is 94.5mm. This design helps a lot in cleaning some corners, such as the areas under the sofa and the cabinet.

The top of VIOMI V2 Pro is mainly composed of lidar, lid, buttons and the logo. On the top is a flip lid, which makes the change of the water tank and the dust box easier. Under the top cover, the dust box is placed in the center, equipped with a small cleaning brush for cleaning the dust box, which is very convenient. 

Moreover, with up to 10 sets of sensor systemsVIOMI V2 Pro is good at adapting to complex home environments. It can sensitively avoid or cross various obstacles and perfectly clean every corner of the room. 

The side of the robot is composed of an infrared receiving sensor, a collision sensor, a charging pole piece, and a cliff sensor. The impact sensor on the outer ring can better prevent any impact, and the charging pole piece coupled with the charging pile is convenient.

Also, the cliff sensor can automatically identify the surrounding conditions to prevent the robot from stepping into the air.

The bottom mainly consists of a universal wheel, a battery pack, a side brush, a middle sweep baffle, a roller brush, and left and right wheels. The roller is an upgraded large-diameter off-road wheelset, which can successfully overcome short steps within 2cm, electric wires, and thick carpets. 

The design of the bottom sensor system is also exceptional. It consists of the fan speed sensor, rag detection sensor, drops sensor, accelerometer, cliff sensor, and electronic compass sensor. All these together form a powerful bottom security system.



When using VIOMI V2 Pro, buckle the mop cloth assembly to the bottom is all you need to do. When cleaning the mop cloth assembly, remove it by the snap. The rag can be replaced according to your needs and preference. For example, the high-density full wet mop is suitable for extensive area cleaning. 

In contrast, high-density elegant fiber mop has a better ability of water absorption. Meanwhile, the slot Velcro is firm and effectively prevents falling off.

The charging base should be used with the charging cable. Open the cover from the bottom, insert the charging cable, close the lid and place it on the bottom surface, so that the robot can charge itself. It should also be noted that the charging base should be placed in a relatively open space. 

It should be placed against the wall, with a spatial distance of 50cm to the left and right, and an obstacle-free area of more than 150cm in front of it. Direct sunlight should be avoided too.

VIOMI V2 Pro is operated by buttons and the cellphone APP. It can sweep, vacuum, and mop at the same time.

The roller brush is the center of the vacuuming function. The middle sweep cover buckle can effectively protect the roller brush, and the buckle is very labor-saving for disassembly. The roller brush is made of abrasion-resistant nylon bristle and thermoplastic elastic material. The texture of it is soft, so it will not hurt the floor. 

Also, the roller brush bristles are arranged tightly and the curve distribution can reduce cleaning omissions. Ultra-high-speed rotation and the use of NIDEC the brushless motor imported from Japan can reach a motor speed of 16500r/min, and the suction power of up to 2150Pa in the third-speed suction mode also makes the cleaning power more powerful. 

The dust box connected to the motor has a HEPA set at the air outlet and a washable HEPA filter inside, which effectively isolating dust and garbage, and makes cleaning more convenient. When cleaning the dust box, open the dust box and dump out the trash, and then clean the dust box with a cleaning brush. If there is long hair or garbage that can't be cleaned out, just cut it with a blade brush and then poured it out.

VIOMI V2 Pro also adopts a high-end variable-speed single-side brush. Its automatic adjustment of variable speeds allows it to clean the corners more thoroughly without flying dust or garbage to the cleaned area. There are two side brushes provided, which makes replacement easier.

The mopping function is mainly realized by the infiltration function of the water tank and the ultra-high permeability of the mopping cloth. The micro-sensing electric control water tank can achieve 3 levels of precise water control, evenly discharging water and stopping water leakage. 

Users can select the right level according to the condition of the dirt. What's more, the 560ml large-capacity of the water tank makes it easier to for a large house. Fill the tank once, and it's enough for the robot to clean the whole house. And the upgraded allegation component is sensitive, so water leakage is effectively avoided.


Mobile APP control

VIOMI V2 Pro is based on VIOMI's whole-house scene connection. It can be used with VIOMI's smart gateway and mobile APP to control the whole house.

The house can be connected to multiple terminals. You can control the cleaning robot through the VIOMI AI speaker, VIOMI large-screen refrigerator, and VIOMI Magic Mirrors by voice. The buttons on the robot are for turn on whole-cleaning and backwashing. 

At the same time, the mobile APP can better meet users' particular needs, such as remote control, specific point cleaning, restricted area setting, and making cleaning appointments. Tap the function you need, and the robot is ready at service. For example, to use the specific point cleaning function, use your finger to locate the position where cleaning is needed. 

In contrast, the whole cleaning function is based on the precise laser positioning system and algorithm. It can reasonably plan its cleaning route to make the cleaning more efficient and clean.


What's more, through a 360 ° laser scan and LDS radar ranging, a whole house environment map is constructed. Plus, the SLAM algorithm, you can see the cleaning path and partition of the cleaning robot from your mobile phone. 

Meanwhile, the intelligent voice broadcast system allows you to know its working status, to avoid giving wrong instructions, and to assist in updating changes in time.

VIOMI V2 Pro is also knowledgeable in terms of electricity usage. Its automatic backflush function makes it more convenient to use. If there it runs out of power during cleaning, it will automatically return to the charging stand and recharge automatically. 

After fully charged, it will return to the previous position and continue cleaning. Repeated cleaning is not going to happen to VIOMI V2 Pro.


Using experience

Let's turn on the instructions through the mobile app now. 

First, let's turn on the full cleaning mode and have a look at the cleaning capabilities of VIOMI V2 Pro.

From the interface of the APP, we can see that it first sweeps along the wall and then sweeps wholly according to the arcuate route to ensure thorough cleaning and restore the ground to be clean.


If you want to make your home clean before you arrive home, the appointment function is ready to help. Just tap the appointment option on the APP, set the appointment time, and require the service!

During our test, we placed the most commonly seen hair, large particles of dust, garbage, and shreds of paper on the floor. From the picture, we can see that the ground swept by VIOMI V2 Pro has no trash at all, indicating that it functions very well for daily cleaning.

We then installed the water tank with a proper amount of water, replaced the rag components, and then turned on the mop function. From the picture, we can see that the floor mopped by VIOMI V2 Pro does not have visible watermarks on the floor, and there are also very few water stains. Therefore, the floor dries very quickly, avoiding the danger of slipping.

Through actual use, we can obviously see that VIOMI V2 Pro performs very well in terms of both vacuuming and mopping.


VIOMI V2 Pro integrates a series of super useful functions such as household scene connection, intelligent laser mapping, designated area cleaning, accurate planning of cleaning route, sweeping and mopping automatic recharging, and continuous cleaning of breakpoints. 

The mobile APP allows you to realize remote control and have a clean house before you get home. And the automatic recharging, collision buffers, laser ranging sensors, and other functions also guarantee the safety and make users feel comfortable when using it.


Through the analysis of its design, the actual test of its performance and the use of the mobile APP, we can see that the VIOMI V2 Pro cleaning robot performs really well in all aspects. For the household, it is well worth buying at $369.99!

Xiaomi VIOMI V2 Pro Coupon: E47ED65EABA27000

Expiry date: 00:00 May 31, 2020 

Xiaomi VIOMI V2 Pro Vacuum Cleaner 2100Pa LDS Intelligent Electric Control Tank EU Plug Save 5 Maps



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