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View More Hi! This is my first vacuum robot ... So I'm still new to the segment.

The more I was thrilled with the setup and control of the app. There is no German manual and no German translation of the app - but that is not absolutely necessary. Everything is simple and self-explanatory, as long as you have some experience with WLAN.

The app is really great. It offers a lot of settings that the Saugi converts without grumbling.

I mainly have laminate and a thick carpet in the middle. He gets along very well with both. I am amazed at what he gets out of the carpet. In the dust, compartment are still 5 or 6 cleanings still much lint in it. As expected, but it will be less. Overall, I think the cleaning result is very good. But of course, I also lack appropriate comparisons.

Obstacles takes the Saugi also surprisingly well. My carpet is about 1.5 cm high - no problem. There is also a threshold - between 2 and 3.5 cm high - no problem. Pictures of the carpet + threshold in the appendix. Parked and loaded he is the way under the sofa;) Fits exactly under it and is incl. Charging not to see. To empty the dust chamber, I lock it in the RC mode under the sofa and then send it back with a keystroke.

So far, I'm very satisfied and I can definitely recommend the S5.

However, I have only two days. That means everything is more or less the first impression. Let's hope that the good short-term impression is confirmed in the long-term test.

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360 S5 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner with LDS Laser Navigation

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