Best gaming mouse 2020 : Logitech G502 Lightspeed Mouse Review
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Best gaming mouse 2020 : Logitech G502 Lightspeed Mouse Review

What Is the Logitech G502?

The Logitech G502 represents the today's and maximum profound replace to the tons-cherished G502 gaming mouse. on the grounds that its inception, the G502 has passed through a number of updates – this new one is no different, ditching the wires in favour of Logitech’s new LIGHTSPEED connection, presenting latency-unfastened surfing and gaming.

Logitech G502 – Design & Build

First of all the G502 comes with a predominately plastic creation that doesn’t simply range from previous generations. the freedom associated with a wi-fi connection is welcome and the relationship to the Micro-USB charging cable is solid and properly-made.

It’s standard Logitech fare certainly, whole with strong construction. by way of manner of layout, it’s a swish looking mouse, with the matte black being offset via the patterned the grips that still sense really as a substitute at ease in-hand, giving the G502 a specific premium experience. To be sincere, that’s anticipated at the 117$ price factor.

There’s a whole host of programmable buttons, eleven to be actual, that already come with preset capabilities. as well as the everyday left and right mouse buttons and scroll wheel, there’s a selection of other capabilities that the G502 can do right out of the container. installed at the left hand side are buttons distinctive to the features of moving back and forth among net pages, even as some other two will let you exchange among the six specific DPI settings starting from as low as one hundred proper as much as the very best of 16,000. That’s lots.

Present in the box are a few nifty weights that can help you provide the mouse a little little bit of greater weight if that’s what you’re into. In hand, it feels instead light, however with the more weights brought, the G502 does feel heavier.

Logitech G502 – Performance

For daily utilization, the G502’s various DPI made it a joy to apply, with it often being utilised on its highest putting at 16,000 DPI. It’s a touch erratic at the start, but after merely a couple of minutes of use is natural to apply.

It’s truely responsive, despite the fact that the higher echelons of its DPI range don’t wreck any data – the HERO sensor that this updated G502 uses isn't any one-of-a-kind to the preceding incarnation. That being said, in a preceding guise, the G502 changed into once the sector’s maximum DPI mouse while it had its vintage 12,000 DPI sensor. We’re in safe palms therefore.

Being wireless glaringly method that there’s plenty more freedom connected (or instead, not connected) to the G502. it works on quite a lot any surface, from glass to timber to a regular mouse mat, that is an advantage, given that some mice refuse to work on glass by any means. It’s additionally plug-and-play, which means it’s merely a case of plugging inside the receiver and away you move.

Its battery lifestyles is pretty commendable, providing a stellar 60 hours without any lights, or 48 hours with it on full blast. What’s extra, with the little on and stale turn on the lowest, there’s no put off between the use of it and no longer.

One noteworthy speakme point is that one of the buttons on the G502 lets in you to exchange the scrolling placing – the default involves a normal ratchet-driven scroll, giving you the normal scroll motion, but there’s some other putting to be had. Push the button down and it disables, providing you with the freedom to scroll further and faster, a function dubbed as ‘Hyperscroll’. that is particularly beneficial in case you’re dealing with mega internet pages or lengthy Excel spreadsheets or in case you’ve got a huge Spotify playlist and you want that one music – we’ve all been there.

Whilst doing some runs of CS:cross, Logitech’s most modern addition to their circle of relatives of mice felt exquisite in hand, as we killed terrorists comfortably, whipped round partitions to be greeted with the aid of enemies, or fired aimlessly into the space and was hoping for the high-quality. Being capable of trade DPI at the fly is amazing too, meaning you’ve got a myriad of freedom when deeply embroiled in those lengthy gaming sessions.

There’s also the ability to rate the G502 at the same time as in use wirelessly thru Logitech’s PowerPlay mouse mat, which most effective will increase its general usability. alas I didn’t get to use this in the course of the time taken for evaluation, but the braided 1.8m cable that the mouse comes with is quite trendy.

Logitech G502 – Software & Lighting

much like a number of the other new Logitech merchandise, their most up-to-date G502 runs Logitech’s intuitive G HUB software, giving you whole control over how you desire to use your peripherals.

Out of the container, the G502 capabilities an average RGB mild cycle function, that is a little constricting, even though once you delve into the G HUB software program, your options are quite rattling cool. as well as the typical mild cycle and ‘respiratory options’ G HUB permits in order to have one fixed shade which seems rather smooth, in addition to supplying you with two different alternatives – Audio Visualiser and screen Sampler.

Should I buy the Logitech G502?

almost in reality. if you need a super wireless gaming mouse that offers a whole host of features with one of the enterprise’s first-rate sensors, look no similarly than the Logitech G502 Lightspeed.

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