Mijia Wireless Handheld Mopping Machine: Clean The Floor Without Getting Tired
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Mijia Wireless Handheld Mopping Machine: Clean The Floor Without Getting Tired

The Mijia wireless handheld mop is, bluntly, an electric mop. Most people know that the first reaction to its existence is "Is anyone really should buying it?" Moreover, it is priced at 169$, and maybe a 7$ ordinary mop can solve the cleaning problem but not at the same quality. After the actual experience, we found that this product can save cleaning effort thanks to it's quality, it can be said to be a "super effort saving" product.

The Mijia wireless handheld floor scrubber can stand on the spot completely without relying on external objects when not in use, and automatically locks off when it is upright, and automatically turns on when the handle is pushed.

It is an electric mop. Its "electricity" is embodied in that the grounded motor can drive the mop to move back and forth, simulating the action of hand rubbing the ground, but the speed is as high as 1000 times per minute, and the rubbing effect is obviously better than that of human hands.

Home wireless hand-held mopping machine has a reasonable weight, coupled with high-frequency reciprocating motion, can achieve the same effect as when using a common mop to mop the floor, reducing the user's labor expenditure for repeated wiping and frequent downward force. When in use, the front light will automatically light up.

"Electric mop" as an electrical appliance, of course, cannot be soaked in water like ordinary mops, so the Mijia wireless handheld mop uses a built-in water tank. Pour water into the machine through the distributed measuring cup. When the water tank is full, a warning light will light up to prevent overflow.

Mijia wireless handheld mopping machine supports two kinds of mops. One is a durable cleaning mop, which is the same as the cloth used for a common hand-pressed rotary mop, and the other is a disposable cleaning mop that is thrown away after use. It comes standard with a durable cleaning mop and 10 disposable cleaning mops. No matter whether it is a durable cleaning mop or a disposable cleaning mop, the user does not need to bend over and install it. Just put the mop on the ground, lift the mop and put it on the floor, and the Velcro will automatically stick.

The buckle of the Mijia wireless hand-held mop can ensure that it is upright when the handle is upright, and it is very flexible when used. It can be rotated 45° on the left and right. The forward push can be completely flat like a normal mop. It cannot be used to cleaning under the bed or under the sofa.

The end of the handle bar of the Mijia wireless handheld mop is designed to be curved, which is convenient to hold.

There are two buttons at the end of the handle, one to control start and close, and the other to control water spray.

When used, because the Mijia wireless handheld scrubber has a high reciprocating frequency, it is equivalent to assisting in both front and rear directions, and the user can push it effortlessly.

The water spray button will spray water only when the Mijia wireless handheld mopping machine is pressed when it is working. It sprays fan-shaped water mist with a moderate amount of water. The water mist is evenly sprayed toward the ground, so that the water use efficiency is high.

It is worth mentioning that the charging pile of the Mijia wireless handheld mop is different from the charging pile of common sweeping robot. It has a sense of design and looks like a speaker, which will not make people feel like the charging pile of a sweeping robot.

It should be noted that the packaging of the Mijia wireless hand-held mopping machine is very small, the handle is divided into three sections, and the entire product packaging does not occupy any space before assembly. During the assembly process, it can be seen that the three-section hand lever is purely connected physically, so the two buttons at the end of the hand lever are powered separately. Remove the cover on the end of the handle of the Mijia wireless hand-held scrubber, and you can see a button battery. The keys and the motor part may have been linked before leaving the factory, and there is no delay in actual use.

Although the price of 169$ is not expensive compared to it's benefits. mopping the floor is a kind of low-frequency labor, and many users will keep the money and wait and see, but the Mijia wireless handheld mopping machine can be a product that effectively reduces user labor expenditures. Users who's treat housework daily should taking this product is necessary to make life more easy.

Xiaomi Mijia WXCDJ01SWDK Wireless Handheld Wiper Mopping Machine



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