Bluedio Hi TWS Wireless Earbuds under $13: Best Alternative to Apple AirPods Pro and Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro
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Bluedio Hi TWS Wireless Earbuds under $13: Best Alternative to Apple AirPods Pro and Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro

Bluedio is a new, but a dynamic audio brand which is becoming extremely popular among gadgets enthusiast and online shoppers around the world. Their product offerings feature stylish design, high-tech capabilities, robust build quality, and competitive pricing. 

As the brand name suggests (Bluedio - Bluetooth + Audio), the company mainly focuses on this technology. The company's major goal is to offer immersive sound experience by delivering innovative Bluetooth headsets with the latest in-built wireless technology. 

The Bluedio Hi TWS In-ear Bluetooth earphones - are the first TWS headphones from Bluedio. It is currently one of the hottest selling models of Bluedio wireless headsets. In this article, we will discuss whether Bluedio Hi TWS is worth buying. However, before going to that, let us discuss the TWS technology. 

What is TWS Bluetooth Earbuds? Are TWS earphones better than regular wireless earphones? 

TWS stands for True Wireless Stereo. In other words, it is a technology that allows users to pair two audio devices by using Bluetooth technology. One of the good things about the true wireless nature of these earphones is that they are completely free from the annoying cable disturbance. 

You no longer have untangled the wires, as there are none. In addition to this, you can easily share your earphones now. Even in terms of sound quality, the TWS earphones are better in comparison to regular earphones. 

Are Bluedio Hi TWS wireless earbuds worth buying?

1. Face recognition

The Bluedio Hi TWS is the first TWS headset from Bluedio and offers a high performance to price ratio. It offers face recognition functionality. So when you take off the right earbud, the song will stop automatically and resume when placed back inside the ear. 

2. Design

The in-ear design of the wireless earphones is comfortable and can be used for a long time. The design of Bluedio Hi is stylish and compact, allowing you to carry it anywhere you go. It is made using ABS material, which makes it strong and durable. 

3. Battery

It has a large charging dock with a capacity of 600 mAh offering 1000 hours of standby time. For the earphone, the battery capacity is of 55 mAh offering 5 hours of music time. The earphones take 2 hours to get completely charged. 

4. Noise reduction

The earphones make use of DPS depth noise reduction technology along with a sensitive microphone to ensure a clear calling experience. 

5. Bluetooth 5.0

Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, it ensures a stable connection with your pairing device and excellent sound quality. The Hi-Fi stereo sound of the earphone ensures that you receive an immersive sound experience while listening to music or playing games on your smartphone. 

The sports headset is compatible with all the major smartphone brands including Samsung and Apple. 


The Bluedio Hi TWS Wireless Earbuds is an excellent and affordable alternative to Apple AirPods Pro and Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro. The Apple AirPods Pro is priced at $249.99 and the Xiaomi Airdots Pro is priced at $56.99. 

However, you can get the Bluedio Hi TWS Wireless Earphones for only $12.99 on You will not get a better alternative than this for Apple AirPods Pro and Xiaomi Airdots Pro under $13.

Bluedio Hi TWS In-ear Wireless Sports Bluetooth 5.0 Face Recognition Hi-Fi Stereo Sound Earphones With Charging Box



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