[Coupon Included] SHOWSEE Nose Hair Trimmer Review
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[Coupon Included] SHOWSEE Nose Hair Trimmer Review

Trimmer from Xiaomi 2020.

Not so long ago, in the ranks of SHOWSEE, a sub-brand of the tech giant Xiaomi, one curious device appeared that can be called a real beauty gadget for men - SHOWSEE Nose Hair Trimmer.

Despite the fact that the name is focused on the function of removing unwanted nose hair, the trimmer has much more functionality. We will talk about what the device with the code name "C1" is capable of and what characteristics it possesses in this review.


Power Type: Battery AAA
Materials: Stainless steel cutter head, ABS - body
Usage Time: 160Mins
Water resistance: No
Size: 19 х 114 mm, Weight 100g,
Power: 2W

In the box

SHOWSEE Nose Hair Trimmer C1 comes in a neat white cardboard box with colored inscriptions. Everything inside is beautifully stocked and looks like a gift wrap. On the box itself, you can see the main technical characteristics of the device. Inside it is the trimmer itself, an AAA battery, a cleaning brush and instructions in Chinese with visual images of the gadget's functions.

Design and construction

The C1 trimmer body is made of dense black ABS plastic. It has a single button that is responsible for turning the device on / off. The brand logo is modestly placed under the button. The visual and tactile sensations from the gadget are very positive - all the details are perfectly fitted, the trimmer fits well in the hand, and the plastic is pleasant to the touch. Unfortunately, the case is not IPX5 water resistant, so this device cannot be washed under water. For cleaning, you can use the included brush and remove the attachment from the device.

By the way, about the nozzle. C1 has the only multifunctional nozzle that can be removed and washed under the tap for easy cleaning. The nozzle has a cylindrical shape. The blades are located inside the nozzle, and the upper part is rounded in order to avoid any possible damage during operation. They are made of high quality steel, which cuts, and does not tear or pull the hairs. For safety, a protective cap made of transparent plastic is put on the cutting part.

The trimmer is powered not from the mains, but from a regular AAA battery. Although you can use rechargeable batteries. The resource of the complete battery will last for 2-3 hours of continuous operation. It seems that this is quite a bit. But if you consider that the procedure for removing excess hair takes just a couple of minutes, then it can be "stretched" for many months.

The battery is inserted from below, and to replace it, simply remove the bottom cover. To make it easier to put on both the nozzle and the lid, there are special marks on the body that will help to install the parts in the correct position.


SHOWSEE Nose Hair Trimmer C1 is positioned as a nose trimmer. But in fact, this device has a wider range of possibilities. Thanks to its shape, it can be used to carry out other work.

The trimmer is not only suitable for getting rid of excess nose hair, but also suitable for removing hair in the ears or correcting the length of the eyebrows.

We can also conclude that C1 is still designed for male users. This is quite logical - women rarely face the problem of excessive facial hair. As for the eyebrows, women mostly use tweezers or resort to the services of qualified craftsmen.

Convenience and safety

The power of the engine is 2 W, which provides quite decent performance for this type of device. The gadget does not work very noisy and with a minimum level of vibration, so it will not be a problem to work through even any small areas. It is noteworthy that the procedure for hair removal with a trimmer is absolutely painless - the blades here are quite high quality and sharp and they really cut the hairs, and do not "close" them.

The design of the blades is thought out in such a way that it is almost impossible to cut with them in the process. The main thing is not to overdo it with pressure on the skin. The protection of the engine itself is also thought out here. After 10 minutes of continuous operation, the device will automatically shut down to avoid overheating and rapid failure. As a result, the gadget is really thought out to the smallest detail and is comfortable to use.


SHOWSEE Nose Hair Trimmer C1 is an excellent and functional personal care device. The trimmer is well thought out in terms of many parameters: from a comfortable design to protecting the motor from overheating. Considering the quite affordable price tag, C1 will definitely suit the taste of men who watch their appearance.

nice design, excellent quality of materials, workmanship and blades, simple and logical design, versatility, compactness, low noise and vibration level, affordable price tag.

No water resistance.

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