3 Smartwatches With Standby Over 30 Days on GearBest for Under $40.
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3 Smartwatches With Standby Over 30 Days on GearBest for Under $40.

Long Battery Life for Your Smartwatch: How to Get It and Why It Matters

Some might say smartwatches are to mobile phones as mobile phones are to computers. But that’s not true, they are even better. Smartwatches allow you to keep up with messages from your friends, jam to music and monitor your health from the comfort of your wrist. They promise the convenience of an easily accessible digital display that’s light and easy to reach wherever you are. Unfortunately, these new and relatively thin devices are also considerably smaller than mobile phones. This means a reduction in the space available to fit in a lithium ion battery while still having to power many of the same features available in a full-fledged smartphone. 

Unlike a smartphone however, plugging it into a wall defeats the entire purpose; it’s a watch, it should be on your wrist. Clearly, if you want to enjoy the benefits, you’re going to need long battery life. Not to worry though, here are 3 smartwatches with over 30 days of standby battery life available for purchase over at Gearbest. And the best part? They all go for under $40.


For the low price of $39.99, you will be able to get this futuristic product in either a smoldering grey or a vibrant greenish blue. The TICWIS RS supports up to 50 days of standby life and 14 days of active usage while only taking 2 hours for a full recharge. But the battery life isn’t the only selling point of this device; after all, who wants a long lasting wrist brick? Not you, that’s who. 

From the material design of this watch to the execution, the producers have created a product sure to leave you with gushing reviews. The TICWIS RS possesses an ultra-lightweight metal body with a high-grade silicon strap comfortable enough for you to forget it’s there until you need it. 

When you do need it, it offers 31different sport modes which support everything from simply walking to open water swimming. It is IP68 waterproof certified, and that means you can swim in indoor pools or shallow waters with it still on. 

The watch is firm on your wrist and doesn’t pop off during rapid or high intensity movement. It’s also loose enough to avoid clogging up sweat when you’re working out. The immersive sporting experience this smart watch offers also includes a heart rate monitor, blood oxygen monitor and pedometer which support professional fitness analysis features. In short, this is the only fitness tracker you will need to stay in shape.

The TICWIS RS isn’t just a fitness tracker though, it also supports social connections. With the TICWIS RS you can keep up to date with messages and phone call information from your loved ones while on the go. Its sharp and crisp 1.3 inch, 246 PPI display allows you to read messages in all sorts of lighting conditions while taking advantage of any of its 20 watch face designs. 

So if you’re tired of a life of constantly having to use your phone for every little thing, if you want to invest in your health or just be able to grow the connection between you and your social circle, or perhaps you just want to add a touch of style to your wardrobe, then you should consider getting the TICWIS RS. 

TICWRIS RS Smart Watch 1.3 inch Ultra-thin 9mm 50 Days Standby 31 Sports Modes IP68 Waterproof Bluetooth 5.0 Get One Strap Free




So maybe you want the benefits of a high grade smart watch with incredible battery life but aren’t willing to pay $39.99 for the experience, then the KOSPET MAGIC 2 is exactly what you need. This device comes with 30 days of standby battery life and 5-7 days of active usage time for the low price of $24.99. Granted, this isn’t as long as the TICWIS RS but, for $24.99, it’s still a steal. Better yet, the charging time still stays within the 2 hour limit, thanks to its whopping 200mAh lithium polymer battery. 

The material of the smart watch itself is comprised of a round metal body, curved glass screen and TPU strap. The classic round shape is reminiscent of luxury brands such as Rolex and Patek Phillipe making this a good choice for anyone wanting to add a touch of elegance to their style. 

The glass screen is HD with a resolution of 360 x 360, guaranteeing that not only will you look good with this on, but what you look at will as well. The TPU strap is exquisitely premium in quality and comes in black, green and red which are easily interchangeable, making it a good choice for men and women alike. So you know this watch looks good, but does it feel good to use?

Yes, the KOSPET MAGIC 2 utilizes key principles of intuitive design to provide an overall refreshing experience without sacrificing functionality. All it takes is a reflexive lift of the wrist to your eyes to bring up any of the 12 preset watch faces of your choice. From there, you can interact with the haptic screen to get you anywhere you need to go, from the notifications area where you can check your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to your health tracker where you can monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen and much more. And yes, it’s certified IP67 waterproof so you can track your exercise while in swimming pools or seaside swimming.

This watch leaves the limits of smartwatches and delves into the realm of beautifully crafted luxury items. It is a lifestyle investment whose presence on your wrist makes you stand out. For $24.99 at Gearbest, you can get a taste of the KOSPET MAGIC 2.

Kospet MAGIC 2 1.3 inch Smart Watch 30 Sport Modes HD 360 x 360 Resolution Screen IP67 Waterproof Bluetooth 4.0




The style of the KOSPET MAGIC 2 is a classic one, but perhaps you don’t want classic, perhaps you want avant-garde with a big battery. If that’s the case, you want the HAYLOU SOLAR. True to its name, this magnificent piece of watch making achievement possesses a minimalist design akin to the look of a radiant sun, and the watch screen retains a vibrant look under said sun. 

This is in part due to its massive 340mAh battery which promises 30 days of standby use and 15 days of active use with one charge. While you’re wearing this, you’ll feel like you’ve ascended beyond the clouds to the level of the sun itself. The HAYLOU SOLAR puts you at solar level.

It also boasts a 1.28 inch HD screen with IP68 waterproof certification, so you can enjoy the solar experience while under the sun or in pool water. Its modern design is further buttressed by its lack nano-silicon strap which provides an impressive amount of flexibility to the device. You’ll need that strap to use any of the HAYLOU SOLAR’s 12 exercise modes which encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle.

The smartwatch also comes with high tech precision sleep analysis software which tells you about your sleep time and sleeps quality. Unlike other products with this feature, the SOLAR has the battery power to actually get you through the night without a charge.

This watch marks you as a trendsetter to those around you. Its subtle, innovative design proclaims youth, life, and health to anyone who sees it. If this is who you want to be, then the HAYLOU SOLAR is what you eyed. 

Haylou Solar Smart Watch 12 Sports Modes Global Version from Xiaomi youpin



Regardless of your choice of style or lifestyle, smartwatches are the future of technology, and that technology needs to last on your wrist. You need a smartwatch in your daily life, whether it’s to stay connected with friends and family or to get into your ideal exercise routine. A smartwatch battery that can last at least 30 days with standby use isn’t just a luxury, it’s a right of the modern age. Head over to Gearbest to claim your right now and pick up one of these watches for less than $40.

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