Tommy Leaks FAQ (The 3rd Issue): What improvement does 5G mobile phone bring to daily use compared to 4G? Is a flagship with 6GB RAM still worth buying now?
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Tommy Leaks FAQ (The 3rd Issue): What improvement does 5G mobile phone bring to daily use compared to 4G? Is a flagship with 6GB RAM still worth buying now?

Hello everyone, the third issue of Tommy Leaks Q & A has been compiled. Are there any questions you are concerned about in this post? Let's take a look.

Q: Hi Tommy, I have an iPad 2018. Is it necessary to buy a new iPad mini 5? After all, the performance of A12 is much better than the A10.

A: It depends. if you only use your iPad for video watching, then iPad mini 5 won't bring anything new. Instead, because the screen of iPad mini is smaller, the using experience would be worse. However, if you mainly play games or read e-books with your iPad, then the performance of iPad mini 5 will be much better than iPad 2018, since A12 is much more powerful than A10 in all aspects.

 In addition, the size of iPad mini 5 is relatively easier to hold with both hands.

Q: Hi Tommy, with a budget of less than $ 300, is it better to choose a Snapdragon 710 phone or a Kirin 810?

A: It sounds like you are asking which one is better between Realme X and Honor 9X. Personally speaking, the most important thing of phones at this price is fluency. On the premise of fluency, we can talk about other characteristics. In this regard, the Kirin 810 is indeed better than the Snapdragon 710. Within $300, Tommy would recommend choosing one with great processor performance.

HUAWEI Honor 9X 4G Phablet 6.59 inch Android 9.0 Kirin 710F Octa Core 6GB RAM 128GB ROM 3 Rear Camera 4000mAh Battery Global Version



Q: Tommy, is it OK to buy a 6GB flagship now? Will the system slow or freeze after 2 years because of insufficient memory?

A: It is completely safe to buy a cellphone with 6GB memory. Anyway, there is currently no difference between 6GB and 8GB for daily use. The multitasking background ability of phones is related to system settings. Some 8GB phones may not run as well as a 6GB one.

Of course, the premise here is that the price difference between the 6GB and 8GB phones is around $50. If the difference is around $20- $30, it is better to choose 8GB.

Q: I have Sony WF-1000XM3. Is it necessary to buy the AirPods Pro? Is there any great update?

A: It depends on your using frequency. If you use it every day, it is better to move from Sony WF-1000XM3 to AirPods Pro, because the wearing comfort of the latter is much greater.

Although AirPods Pro are also in-ear, their ear canal parts are made of soft silicone. You can wear them for a long time without having any uncomfortable feelings such as swelling. On the country, it's fine if you only wear Sony's WF-1000XM3 for a while in the car, but if you walk with it for a while, the stethoscope effect is very obvious, and your ears are likely to feel swelling.

For people who often use noise-cancelling headphones, the wearing comfort of AirPods Pro would justify a replacement. But if you only use them from time to time, Tommy would suggest not giving up your Sony WF-1000XM3. Sony WF-1000XM3 actually works pretty well when you sit with it and its sound quality is better than AirPods Pro.

Apple AirPods Pro ANC Active Noise Reduction Bluetooth Earbuds IPX4 Waterproof In-ear Earphone with Charging Dock



Q: Will all the flagship phones in the next year be equipped with a high refresh rate?

A: It is hard to say all of them, but most of the flagship phones in the next year will indeed have a high refresh rate. This is actually the selling point in the past two years that actually improves daily use experience. As long as the animation optimization keeps going on, high refresh rate does bring more improvements to daily use experience than the replacement of processor.

Therefore, many known models such as the OnePlus 8 series, Xiaomi Mi 10, Samsung S11 (may be called S20) series will have high refresh rate screens, and some will increase from 90Hz to 120Hz this year.

Q: When will graphene batteries be ready for use? It feels that the slowest progress in mobile phones in these years is the battery!

A: It's hopeless to wait for the commercial use of Graphene battery at present. The cost is too high.

Compared with the processor performance, camera capabilities, screen and other aspects of mobile phones, the progress of battery technology is indeed the slowest. This is actually largely limited by the physical characteristics of lithium batteries. It is only possible to increase the energy density of batteries a little bit each year.

For example, a few years ago, many mobile phones at $300 began to have 4000mAh batteries, but the battery capacity of many flagship phones now is still around 4000-4500mAh. No qualitative upgrade is seen. 

In the 5G era, coupled with the popularity of high-refresh screens, requirements for higher battery capacity have further increased, but our hope for the improvement of battery life can only rely on the further reduced energy consumption of processors in the 5nm era.

The good news is, this year's large-scale upgrade of fast charging technology has alleviated this problem to some extent. For example, the 65w/50w/40w fast charging has partly solve the battery life problem.

Q: I like playing PUBG. Is it necessary to buy a gaming phone?

A: Not at all. Gaming phones released in 2018 are only better at heat dissipation and battery capacity compared to regular flagships. At that time, most flagship phones did not have large battery capacity, and there was generally no heat pipe for heat dissipation.

But now the situation is completely different. Many flagship phones have been equipped with large batteries, and heat pipes/heat equalizers to enhance heat dissipation. Moreover, most of them have game mode functions. There is almost no difference in gaming experience between gaming and flagship phones. 

On the contrary, flagship phones offer better performance in terms of camera and system, and give better use feeling than gaming phones.

So Tommy thinks that there is really no need to buy a game phone because of a certain mobile game. Can you find a mobile game that runs smoothly on a game phone while runs miserably on a regular flagship? The answer is definitely no.


Q: Since the Snapdragon 865 does not have an integrated baseband, does it mean that phones using the Snapdragon 865 are all 5G phones and there is no 4G version?

A: Snapdragon 865 is purchased with Qualcomm X55 baseband, so to a certain extent, Snapdragon 865 flagships will all be 5G phones, and there won't be any 4G version. But this doesn't mean the network performances of Snapdragon 865 mobile phones are all the same.

Although they all support 5G, there is still difference when it comes to specific supported frequency bands. For example, top flagships will support more frequency bands, while cheaper ones will support less bands.

Q: What's the using difference between a 5G mobile phone with a 5G data plan and a 4G phone?

A: There is currently no difference. The commercial application of 5G technology is still in its infancy at present. Compared to 4G networks, it doesn't bring any obvious improvement to using experience.

Also, all applications run as smoothly on 5G phones as on 4G phones at present.

That’s all for this issue of Q & A. See you next time!

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