Lenovo HT10 Review.
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Lenovo HT10 Review.

Earbuds with Qualcomm chip and aptX codec.

Everyone knows that Lenovo is known for its laptops and smartphones, but is also starting to gain popularity in the categories of wireless earbuds.

In this article, you will know about Lenovo HT10, its build quality, sound quality and find out how convenient it is.

Lenovo wireless earbuds received Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection, Qualcomm QCC3020 chipset, support for aptX codec, good battery life up to 8 hours on a single charge and much more.

Lenovo HT10: Specifications

Impedance: 16 ohms
Driver unit: 8.0mm
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency response: 20-20000Hz
Bluetooth protocol: Apt-X/AAC/SBC
Battery: 60(800)mAh
Charging Time: 2.5h
Connections: microUSB
Weight: 58 grams
Music Time: 48h

Lenovo HT10: In the box

Inside the box you will find the following components, such as a charging box, two additional pairs of ear pads, a micro USB charging cable for the connector, and an English manual.

Lenovo HT10: Design

The Lenovo wireless earbuds got a typical teardrop-shaped appearance and are made of gray plastic, which shimmers a little depending on the color.

They are not large in size, but the weight is about 5.5 grams, which is slightly larger, as for most wireless models of headphones.

Lenovo HT10 got a pretty comfortable shape that sits nicely in the ear. 

On the front side of the earbuds is a mechanical button for control. Of course, this does not touch control, but even in mechanical pressing, it is pleasant and generally not tight.

There is a microphone hole just above the ear canal, so you can use the Lenovo HT10 as a headset for any channel.

On the inside, there is a channel designation and a three-pin connection for charging in a case.

As you can see, there is no compensation hole in the housing, which confirms the IPX5 standard water protection. You may not be afraid of a light crush or sweat, but it's not recommended swimming in the water.

The sound guide received a protective mesh made of fabric, from dust and dirt. The tilt angle of the sound guide is quite convenient, listening to earbuds is convenient.

The charging case is made of soft touch plastic, which is pleasant to the touch. On the top of the cover is the name of Lenovo. The lid itself has a plastic hinge mount, the stroke is smooth and no any backlash when opening.

On the front part, there are four LED indicators that indicate the charge level of the case.

The reverse side of the box received a micro-USB port for charging.

Lenovo HT10: Connectivity and control

Almost all the latest models of wireless headphones receive Bluetooth 5.0 connection, this also applies to Lenovo HT10 earbuds. It is also worth noting that the earbuds are equipped with aptX codec, which provides high-quality sound transmission.

The signal catches to a room at a distance of up to 10 meters and in open space – up to 20 meters. There are no delays in the sound.

At the first connection, the wireless earbuds must be turned on while holding one of the mechanical buttons. When the blue rim around the button lights up, you can go to the Bluetooth menu on your mobile device and connect to the selected headphones.

Regarding control? Lenovo HT10 Bluetooth earbuds have a multi-functional control button that performs the following tasks.

If you press the play/pause button once, accept/drop the call. If you hold it for about 1 second, the next or previous track. If you press twice on the right earphone – increase the volume, if on the left – turn it down. Pressing it three times brings up the voice assistant.

Lenovo HT10: Sound

The Lenovo HT10 wireless earbuds sound good when listening to high-bitrate quality music.

The bass has good dynamics and there is no special bias in-depth, which thereby does not spoil the sound at low frequencies. Therefore, the bass does not blur and the sound sounds good in this range.

The mid frequencies have good detail, and high frequencies are not moderate, so the sound quality is not out of the general row.
Even at maximum volume – the sound remains pretty clear and enjoyable to listen to.

There is also a slight hiss, which indicates the presence of active noise reduction. This function is always active and cannot be disabled. It works quite softly and does not affect the overall sound.

The Lenovo HT10 wireless earbuds have a built-in microphone and the sound quality is really good. The interlocutor will hear you well, and so do you yourself. Probably, thanks to the integrated Qualcomm chipset, the quality of the microphone affected for the better.

Lenovo HT10: Battery

Each Lenovo HT10 earbuds received a 60 mAh battery capacity, which allows you to listen to music for about 8 hours on a single charge.

Also, there is a charging case with a battery capacity of 800 mAh. The total battery life of the earbuds with the case will be about 48 hours.
The charging time for the case and earbuds will be approximately 2.5 hours via the micro USB port.

Lenovo HT10: Conclusions

The build quality and materials of the new model of wireless earbuds are very good – it is a pleasant and high-quality plastic that does not leave fingerprints, such as gloss. The sound is a very good.

The filling with support for the aptX codec and the presence of the Qualcomm QCC3020 chipset make the earbuds a serious rival in the mobile device market.

Lenovo HT10 TWS bluetooth waterproof super long standby wireless earphone



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