Xiaomi: A brand that thinks of the customer before profits

Xiaomi: A brand that thinks of the customer before profits

We all agree that the objectives of each company is the same: to get as much profit as possible. This is normal, because companies are actually either providing services or doing trade so they have the right to make money.

What I regret is that some companies like Apple, for example, look at the customer as a banknote and put their devices in excessive amounts of money, they never mind to customers all they care about is money, yes money and nothing else. It's a mentality that doesn't respect customers, that's a bad thing

Xiaomi, who has been in the running for 10 years and celebrates this anniversary on August 11th, doesn't think the same way, Xiaomi has a philosophy that the customer comes first then profits as secondary goal .

This philosophy can be observed in dealing through products that produce Xiaomi, they are products of low cost and high quality things, for example, Xiaomi could have put her devices in the hundreds of dollars and justified that their products are of quality and worth those amounts of money

They don't do this, they produce high quality things but they respect the customer and try to lower their prices to suit everyone. 

That's why Xiaomi has become big in the market and everyone appreciates and respects the way she deals with customers, it's a company from another planet, it's not like the rest of the greedy companies, all the love for you Xiaomi.

You might be wondering, why is Xiaomi doing this ?

Xiaomi is a smart company and knows how it works, it does not spend a lot to produce stores around the world and does not spend a lot of money on advertising, so its expenses are not huge and this allows it to reduce the price of selling its products.

 Unlike other companies that own a lot of stores around the world they are obliged to pay monthly wages to run those stores as they spend millions of dollars on television ads and this leads to spend a lot of money so when pricing their products these companies raise the prices so they can Achieving a profit margin and that affects the customer.

Xiaomi has been doing the best for 10 years, it was full of giving, I am loyal to the Xiaomi brand and I will remain so as long as Xiaomi respect me as a customer and think for me.

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