Top 5 Worth Buying Laser Engraving Machine on Gearbest Under $200.
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Top 5 Worth Buying Laser Engraving Machine on Gearbest Under $200.

The laser engraving machine is one of the most popular devices on Gearbest. You can find many different types of units with a lot of useful features for all users. This machine usually consists of three main parts, including, a controller, a laser, and a surface area. The laser is a perfect drawing tool for any object. The laser beam will be emitted from this device for drawing any interesting objects.

The controller will be another important part of this laser engraving machine. This device will determine the intensity, direction, spread, and also movement speed of the laser beam. You can control the settings of this controller by using its control panel unit on the machine. The surface is used to place any materials that the laser can act on.

What Kind of Material Can be Engraved with This Machine?

There are a lot of materials that are recommended for being used in this machine. The materials should be strong enough to withstand the heat from the laser beam. Stone, glass, metals, or coated metals are considered as the most popular materials that can be used in this laser engraving machine. These materials are chosen because they are strong enough, especially when they are engraved with a laser engraving machine.

Some Important Features from This Machine

a. Precise beam quality

This is the most important feature of this machine. If your machine has a precise beam quality, you can create details on any objects easily. The laser beam should be accurate enough to write or draw any objects on your surface. The device should emit a precise laser beam with a small divergence angle.

b. Low power consumption

Most people usually use a laser engraving machine for commercial purposes. Therefore, they usually need to have a good machine with low power consumption, so they can save a lot of their money on utility costs. This efficient machine allows you to create high-quality objects with low power consumption.

c. Wide surface area

This is another important feature that you should find in your favorite laser engraving machine. This machine should have a wide surface area, so you can place any objects with large surface area easily. A laser engraving machine with a large surface area is usually a little bit more expensive than the one with a regular surface area. However, it can be a great investment for you who want to invest in this machine.

Who Can Use This Laser Engraving Machine?

Everyone can use this laser engraving machine. These machines are specially created for you who want to add some personalized messages to any objects. You can sell these personalized products on your store, for example, jewelry, fine arts, or laser etched mirrors. These are some common products that can be resulted from the laser engraving process. The demand for personalized products increases from time to time. Because of this reason, the popularity of the laser engraving machine keeps increasing very rapidly. Here are some recommended laser engraving machines that are available on Gearbest.

Best Laser Engraving Machine on Gearbest

Alfawise C50

Alfawise C50 comes with a precise 1600 mW German Osram laser chip. The power output of this laser head is stable enough, so it can work continuously for more than 10,000 hours. Its precise laser module can make this machine engrave patterns accurately. The accuracy of this laser engraving machine is also improved by using a good combination of motor and screw with good reliability and high precision. If you want to engrave any objects clearly and accurately, Alfawise C50 can be a perfect device for you.

It is easy for you to manage the operation of this machine via your mobile phone App. This app is equipped with a lot of features, such as text editing, multi-layer editing, eraser, gesture zoom, precise setting, etc. It is also updated regularly, so you can get the latest benefits from this app. This laser engraving machine also comes with G-sensor as its security protection. It can stop the engraving process immediately in any abnormal movements, such as falling, tilt, collision, and shaking. When you buy this machine, you can also get goggles and bracket eye guard as your protective devices.

Alfawise C50 Mini Wireless Smart Laser Engraver Cutter APP Operation Freely DIY Various Materials Engraving Machine 98 x 88mm Engraving Area



ORTUR Laser Master 2

This laser engraving machine has a lot of good reviews from many users. It comes with a strong motherboard with STM32 MCU for offering powerful performance. Ortur Laser Master allows you to control the laser beam accurately. Its engraving speed can reach up to 3000 mm per minute. This speed is good enough for all users who want to enjoy a great experience with this laser engraving machine. You don't need to spend a lot of your time when using this laser engraving machine.

This machine has a beautiful design with an aluminum profile frame. This design can allow you to enjoy using this machine with smooth operation, solid structure, and attractive appearance. Its triple safety protection allows you to use this device safely. It has active position protection with G-Sensor, laser beam safety guard, and also excess exposure detection. The system will cut off the motor and laser immediately when it detects the under-control movement from this device.

ORTUR Laser Master 2 32-bit Motherboard Laser Engraving Machine 400 x 430mm Large Engraving Area Fast Speed High Precision Laser Engraver



Ortur Laser Master

This Ortur Laser Master laser engraving machine is specially created for amateurs or beginner users. This product is made from the best 2040 reinforced aluminum profile, so it can have a stable structure. This structure is corrosion-resistant and also lightweight. It will run smoothly for offering an easy engraving procedure. Its engraving area is 160 x 150mm.

This laser engraving machine comes with an accurate laser beam. The accuracy of this laser can reach up to 0.81um. This feature is very useful to make the image quality accurate and precise enough, even though you use this device for a big engraving area. You can choose the right laser power depending on your needs.

Ortur Laser Master 15W Desktop Laser Engraver Cutter Laser Engraving Machine 32-bit Motherboard LaserGRBL Control Software Easy to Install



Alfawise C40

If you are looking for a good laser engraving machine from GearBest, you can take a look at this device. It is a famous device that can allow you to engrave any objects easily. It has a large engraving area that can reach up to 40 x 30 cm. This machine can be used to engrave any different objects, such as plastic, wood, bamboo, leather, sponge paper, regular paper, etc.

This device comes with an accurate and high-intensity laser engraving feature. Its accuracy can reach up to 0.81um accuracy. Its stable frame and also consistent axis control can ensure a precise engraving process. The combination of the acrylic body and aluminum alloy can increase the overall support from this machine. Its 5000 mW laser power is good enough for you who want to create some interesting engraved objects. Its engraving speed can reach up to 3000MM per minute.  

Alfawise C40 32-bit Motherboard Laser Engraving Machine 400 x 300mm Engraver



Alfawise C30 Pro

This is another recommended product from Alfawise. It is a high-power and efficient laser engraving machine. You can carve any patterns on many different objects easily when using this device. It has an upgraded engraving area that can reach up to 460 x 360 mm. This large surface area can give you a flexible and convenient experience for engraving any objects. It is very easy for you to assemble all parts of this device in less than 30 minutes.

This device comes with an accurate 3000 mW high-intensity laser. This laser beam can help you engrave many different materials, including plastic, wood, paper, bamboo, leather, ox horn, etc. Its laser module has a replaceable design, so you can install any types of modules for getting different laser power. The combination of the acrylic body and aluminum structure can improve the strength of this unit. Its accuracy can reach up to 0.01 mm, so you will never have to deal with blurred images when using this machine.

Alfawise C30 Pro 3000mw Laser Engraving Machine 460 x 360mm Large Area High Accuracy Simple Frame Laser Engraver



After comparing all available laser engraving machines, you can choose the best one that is good for your needs. All of those devices are available at a very affordable price. They are available for less than $200. It can be a smart investment for you who do a lot of engraving projects in your daily life. You should buy the best machine that is protected by its warranty from the manufacturer.

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